Alix Thomsen and Blanche 6 years old
Famille - Paris

The Innate Sense of Mix and Match.



Alix Thomsen and Blanche 6 years old

Alix Thomsen is a woman who is both inspired and inspiring. She is a former fashion designer with her own label who is now in search of pastures new in the world of interior design. She started with a job for friends, then a second, then a hotel. It was actually Alix who was responsible for the Hôtel du Temps in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. In her extravagant world, the art of mixing and matching takes on its true meaning by transforming every nook and cranny into a series of micro décors and scenes that have a beautiful story to tell. Styles and eras clash marvellously in every room with infinite delicacy. Her style? To swim against the tide of current trends. Alix doesn’t follow trends, she likes explosive contrasts and difference whilst maintaining the coherence of the story she’s telling. A strongly opposing view for a designer whose style will create waves.


Salon Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Bureau Bibliothèque Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Commode Globe Terrestre Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Commode Salle à Manger Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Table Basse Salon Céramique Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Cheminée Salon Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Canapé Salon Coussins Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Sculptures Salon Art Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Salon Fauteuil Chat Appartemet Paris Alix Thomsen
Céramique Art Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Livres Bibliothèque Salon Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen

Alix could you present yourself?


I am Alix Thomsen, Parisienne, 31 years old, Designer and Decorator, Mother to a 6 years old little girl.

What do you love most about your apartment?


The light and the fifth floor. I’ve lived in some beautiful apartments but always on the first floor so the idea of having a view with ability to see the skyline excited me a lot. I love also the simple organisation in the apartment, we have four rooms in a row which are of almost identical size. They have no obstructing light or shaded corners, I found this to be a real joy.

Where do you find your inspiration?


From the space itself, it’s usually the place that speaks to me first and it tells me what to do with it.

How would you describe your style?


My style is to associate the freedom of what should not necessarily be, finding balance within imbalance. Sometimes that’s applied sparingly, sometimes by adding contradictions. I enjoy references, I find them to be poetic, but I also like to tell untold stories.

Do you have a bargain of which you are most proud of?


In my home nothing is expensive in terms of value it’s all about the hunt for items!

Salon Coussins CSAO Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Portrait Salon Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Salle à Manger Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Bureau Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Chambre Enfant Fille Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Table de Chevet Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Fauteuil Vintage Salon Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Vases Carafes Scoubidou Accumulation Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Buffet Salon Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen

Do you collect anything?


Absolutely not, it’s something I’m just not familiar with…

How did you come about your daughter’s name, Blanche?


The name was her Great-Grandmother’s and she wears it terribly well.

The piece of your dreams?


An Aubusson tapestry or a Sonia Delauney rug. But what I really wish for is to create artisanal furniture with experienced craftsmen!

An artist or designer that makes you dream?


Le Corbusier. I also appreciate when artists create their own interior identity, the houses of Jean Cocteau, Frida Khalo and Yves Saint Laurent are wonderful examples.

What is your definition of bad taste ?


To follow good taste that isn’t your own, without risk or identity.

The last restaurant you last recommended?


In Paris, Abri. It’s Japanese inspired gastronomy with a modest spirit.

Three addresses for furniture ?


Antiquités Frédéric Sportis, a little antique store on Rue Saint Georges- a street I love a lot. M.A. Dauliac, is a boutique for art deco lights that I often frequent and finally the shops lining the Hôtel Drouot auction house.

Your favorite colour ?


This fluctuates depending on the mood I am in and the context of use. Currently, I am really attracted to yellow as it is a difficult colour to tame which is a challenge I like.

Your future projects?


A hotel near Gare du Nord, a restaurant between Odéon and St Michel.

Couloir Entrée Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Plantes Livres Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Bureau Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Chambre Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Décoration Murale Chambre Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Cadres Accumulation Déco Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Sculpture Déco Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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I’m so interested in this line of work…especially her niche in design and interior architecture. Could anyone tell me about her academic background?


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