Aliénor Béchu, Pierre-Louis and Paloma, 5 months old
Family - Paris

Regaining the apartment of its childhood.



Aliénor Béchu, Pierre-Louis and Paloma, 5 months old

Paloma just woke up from a nap when we arrived to Aliénor Béchu’s and her husband Pierre-Louis’s flat. At the last floor of a small Parisian house, their mezzanine apartment is particularly atypical. From the floor to the ceiling, everything was well thought out by Aliénor who had learnt anything from her father and grandfather – who were architects. Alénior took over the family business. It is a family story also for this apartment in which she was born and grew up. Since then, Aliénor wanted to add her touch to open the space to light and to her family life. The living space takes on its full meaning. An elegant and amazingly personal design, just like their style.

Entrée Salon Vue Extérieure Aliénor Béchu
Bibliothéque Aliénor Béchu
Salle à Manger Table bois Aliénor Béchu
Livres Anciens Architecture Aliénor Béchu
Canapé Chien Aliénor Béchu

Aliénor, can you introduce yourself?


I was born in a warm family of globetrotters. We went all around the world together and we love seeing each other. I met Pierre-Louis in 2002 when I was 18 and we have been together ever since! In 2010, our dog Foster arrived in the family, we got married in 2012 and Paloma, our little angel, arrived 5 months ago. I am the granddaughter and the daughter of architects, so I caught the virus and I became myself an interior designer. I got my diploma from Camondo School, I recently took over the family agency Volume ABC and I work on projects of creation and renovation of interior spaces.

For how long have you been living in this apartment?


I was “born” in this apartment, in which my brothers and sisters grew up, and in which most of my friends spent a lot of time. It’s a place in which I have a lot of happy memories. Our life together really started when we moved in here in 2008.

In your apartment, in which room do you spend the most time?


In the living room, which is light and spacious. And there is a flowery terrace in the spring and summer which is very pleasant to recharge the batteries.

Who designed your interior? Did you redesign everything?


I did it, with by Pierre-Louis. We fully redesigned the apartment in 2013. The works lasted 4 months.

What style or period do you prefer?


I don’t really have any favourite style, each of them has its own soul. Like in fashion where the creations revive the trends of olden times, architecture must often revitalise thanks to past periods.

Aliénor Béchu, Pierre-Louis and Paloma, 5 months old
Bar Cuisine Aliénor Béchu
Vitres Vue Extérieure Aliénor Béchu
Portrait Pierre-Louis Aliénor Béchu
Table Bois Aliénor Béchu
Canapé Rouge Aliénor Béchu
Étage Aliénor Béchu
Table Japonisante Aliénor Béchu
Chambre Parentale Aliénor Béchu

What is missing in your home?


Other children!

In your home, is there a cheap object you are proud of?


Yes, I am proud of the carpet at the foot of the bed, which we bought in Leroy Merlin. It creates an impressive effect!

What is the unforgivable lack of taste?


It would be mixing too many styles and forgetting the harmony.

Do you have some deco websites you would recommend?



Archiproducts is a bible for the interior design agencies. It is a search engine which lists a lot of objects and products. AA13 blog is also a good source of inspiration, and I’d say the same for Yossawat and Afflante.

Do you have a restaurant to recommend?


Trattoria All’Ulivo, at the North of Lavagna in Liguria. It is a place that means a lot for both of us.

Tableau Déco Aliénor Béchu
Livres Table Basse Aliénor Béchu
Chaise Noire Aliénor Béchu
Salle De Bain baignoire en marbre chez aliénor béchu
Canapé Gris Salle Repos Aliénor Béchu
Aliénor Béchu, Pierre-Louis and Paloma, 5 months old

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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