Christine and John Gachot, Boris 13, Jackie 8 years old
Famille - New York

In SoHo, the European Style meets US Design Icons in the Loft of the Gachot Studios Founders.



Christine and John Gachot, Boris 13, Jackie 8 years old

Marc Jacobs and David Karp – the founder of Tumblr – have trusted them to design and decorate their interiors. Christine and John Gachot are a couple and work together: they run the eponymous Gachot Studios. They are great fans of contemporary art: we saw pieces from Harmony Korine, Matthew Benedict and Raymond Pettibon in their house. These designers of high repute have fast earned a great reputation in New York. While reading the numerous articles dedicated to them, The Socialite Family lingered over their apartment in SoHo and fell in love. It is an energetic whole, designed to be functional as a rule, where vintage pieces coexist with pop culture diversions and creativity. To those who are convinced that there is no soul in modern design, Christine and John prove you’re wrong. Their loft is a source of inspiration that takes part in their two sons’ upbringing. The proof is in their astonishing collection of instruments and vinyls that they love as much as artists such as KAWS and Anthony Lister.
bibliotheque pop art livres Christine John Gachot
salon vintage pop culture bois Christine John Gachot
salle a manger bois Christine John Gachot
Christine John Gachot salon livre loulou de la falaise collection rizzoli
salon detente cuir fauteuil eames ottoman Christine John Gachot
luminaires salon trio Christine John Gachot
salon bois vintage Christine et John Gachot

Christine and John, can you please introduce yourselves?


We’re a family of five. Myself, John, our amazingly fun boys, Boris who is thirteen and Jackie who is eight; plus, the newest addition, one supermodel pup named Slim! We all live in a loft on Bond Street in SoHo, New York City.

Who are you and what do you do for a living?


John and I have been best friends for twenty years, married for seventeen. We have an interior design studio just a few blocks from home on Broadway. John can draw and I am a conductor!

How long have you lived in your apartment?


We have been on the block for twelve years, and in our current apartment for the past nine.

Why did you decide to live in this neighborhood?


There are fantastic public schools, a diverse creative community, art, great food, Washington Square Park and beyond!

How would you describe your style of interior design?


Specifically for our home, fun and functional. Looking good should be a given, working well is the challenge.

What kinds of home projects do you like to work on?


We should open a furniture moving business. We are constantly moving things around. Every weekend is an install!

Do you have an iconic design period that you subscribe to?


I approach design and music the same way. I like it all, when thorough and thoughtful, but my first love is mid-century modern. Because my life is so hectic, I’m drawn to the clean lines and a clear sense of purpose.

bibliotheque salon livres cadres art luminaires Christine John Gachot
tourne disque salon vintage vinyl Christine John Gachot
poupees russes accumulation art cadre Christine John Gachot
Slim Chien portrait famille Christine Jackie Gachot
chambre double enfants garçons boris jackie fachot
chambre enfant garçons boris jackie gachot collection guitare
bureau enfant garçon chambre boris jackie gachot

Do you own furniture from this period?


Oh yes! My favorite piece is a Cherner Chair that was given to us for a wedding present by Ben and Emma Cherner and designed by Ben’s father.

When you are at home, where do you prefer to hang out?


Boris and Jackie’s bedroom is the heart of our home, they always have something fun going on, music, art projects, video games. We gave them the master bedroom, so they have room to be goofs.

Is there something missing from your home? If so, what is it?


We are blessed with many amazing pieces, many gifts from artists friends and collaborators. But, if I were to get greedy I would love a Laverne coffee table.

Do you consider you sons’ points of view when you purchase new things for your home?


They have informed it all! The art, the KidRobots, the dog, the converse sneaker collection, the chalkboard walls. They are the spirit of our home.

Where are your new interior design projects?


I’m most excited about our project in Detroit! It feels like New York City used to. It’s open, like you can do anything. The people are great, and have a real passion for their city.

How would you describe American style?


Eclectic. Although clean and simple. Each element has a different story, and background. In all, it is a reflection of America, diverse in culture and ethnicity.

Where do you look when you’re researching furniture and vintage styles?


Well, my favorite stores are literally in my neighborhood. So, walking down the block is a great source. And of course, 1stdibs, it’s furniture porn!

Can you recommend a favorite NYC restaurant?


I love a slice from Joe’s Pizza on Carmine!

luminaire blanc chambre enfant garçon boris et jackie gachot
KidRobot Dunnys collection jouets chambre garçons boris jackie gachot
détail salon art luminaire Christine John Gachot
detail coiffeuse art accumulation Christine et John Gachot
meuble scandinave salon Christine et John Gachot
coin canape salon cuir bois Christine et John Gachot
livres collector art julius shulman Christine John Gachot
coin bibliotheque salon luminaire couleurs Christine et John Gachot

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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I love it! Such an effortlessly cool apartment! Could you maybe tell me, where the boys’ beds are from?

The Socialite Family, 21 July 2016

Hello Anja,

The boy’s bed are from IKEA !

See you soon on The Socialite Family

I loved the blue and green man and woman print. Who does this art belong to (the artist)?

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