Giovanni Cagnato and Valentina, <br/> Giulia 9 months
Family - Milan

An ode to Italian romanticism.



Giovanni Cagnato and Valentina,
Giulia 9 months

They live in the most elegant quarter of Milan. Home to galleries and the most prestigious Italian designers, Brera is a must-visit during the Milan furniture fair. For Valentina, it was here or nowhere. Born in the quarter and partisan to her fingertips, she loves it so much that she would rather live abroad if she cannot live in Brera. The typically Milanese building is an ode to the Italian poetry and romance we love to see in films. You can hear neighbours through their open doors; you bump into architects and decorators in vogue – this is “vera Milano”- the real Milan – on a special day.

Salon Canapé Livres Luminaire Vintage Table basse Appartement Giovanni Cagnato Milan
Table basse Salon Art Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Giovanni Cagnato and Valentina, <br/> Giulia 9 months
Livres Art Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Mur art Cadres Sculptures Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato

Giovanni, what room do you spend most of your time in at home?


I like to be in the kitchen!

The cheapest piece of which you are the most proud ?


I bargain hunted a white 50’s closet for a pittance. I love it so much that we fixed it on the kitchen wall.

The designer furniture you dream of?


The Serge Mouille 3 arm ceiling lamp.

Is it easy to reconcile family life and beautiful decor?


Of course, children understand everything! They like to take care of their toys and, by extension, what’s inside the house.

Where do you go when you are looking for a piece of furniture?


I like to bargain-hunt everywhere : from garage sales in France to antique dealers, not to forget travels and recycling. I also find treasures on the street!

Your latest crush?


A Piero Pizzi Cannella painting.

A restaurant you would recommend in Milan?

Livres Décoration Accumulation Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Cuisine marbrée Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Cuisine marbrée Ustensiles en inox Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Cuisine Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Salon Salle à manger Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Chambre enfant Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Fenêtre Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato
Fauteuil Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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