Christophe Juville and Matteo 22 years old
Family - Marseille

In Malmousque, the Seaside Terrace House of a Multi-talented Entrepreneur



Christophe Juville and Matteo 22 years old

Once doesn’t make it a custom! The Socialite Family invites you to visit the home of one of the most enthusiastic ambassadors of the Phoenician city, the multi-talented entrepreneur Christophe Juville. No longer able to resist the call of the sea, the founder of Spok Cantines de Chef, Lolo restaurants and Figure, his very latest address, left his Corniche Kennedy flat to be near the waves of Malmousque. A move so that he could be as “close to the water” as possible, which made sense to the Marseillais who was looking for a property with an outdoor space where he could enjoy the sea at any time of the day. Whether at night, lulled by the sound of the waves, or during the day, on the rooftop terrace scanning the horizon! And because in the Juville family, entertaining is as necessary as the sea air, this family man has redesigned – with the help of architect Jérémy Chaillou – the space around another hotspot garnering his attention: the kitchen. The ultimate fantasy of its owner, it’s covered in a colourful mosaic which ingeniously reflects the bronze mirrored wall of his work space. Illuminated by the setting sun, it radiates from its edges to cover the entire the living room from floor to ceiling. A touch of beauty that surprises the eye as much as his selection of furniture. Designer pieces – such as his Pierre Paulin sofa – are mixed with humorous creations – like the Phallus lamp from Axel Chay – selected from designer friends, themselves also from the area. A setting in which the JFK à la Mer dining room table takes part, a piece which was “directly inspired by the house and designed for the occasion” by Atelier Calcaire. It’s yet another project for the forty-year-old who never hesitates to think outside the box to contribute, in his own way, to the creative life of this vibrant metropolis! Interview.

Salon Christophe Juville Canapé Pierre Paulin chez Christophe Juville
Étagères en bois chez Christophe Juville
Console en bois chez Christophe Juville

Christophe, for those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself, please?


I’m Christophe Juville, and I’m 46 years old. I have two children, and I love them to pieces.

What has happened since we last saw you?


Since our last meeting, we’ve opened a dozen Spok Chef’s Cantines, the Lolo Bistro (based on the success of the dining cellar) on rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, in Paris and Figure, a dining bar located at 90 boulevard Vauban in Marseille. And we have many more cool projects in the pipeline!

You have just moved into this new place a few doors down from your previous apartment. How did this come about?


What I missed about my old apartment was outside space. In this new house – which I found thanks to a friend – I have a small terrace and a rooftop with a superb sea view. But what I wanted most was to be even closer to the water! And I think we can say I’ve managed that. I have direct access to a small cove which is just in front! This house is in the Malmousque district, which is more lively and dynamic than where I was before. One of the best market gardeners in Marseille, L’Orangeraie, and all the other food shops can be found here.

Have you started any work on it? If so, what are you doing?


Yes, quite a lot of work! We worked with my architect, Jérémy Chaillou, to redo almost everything. The round-arched windows define the façade a little more (thanks to Sophie Arnoux, who was responsible for this choice). Fillets and rounded edges throughout the house are details that make the space even nicer to live in, and provide a more delicate background for the light.

Salle à manger chez Christophe Juville

This house is in the Malmousque district, which is more lively and dynamic than where I was before.

Console en bois chez Christophe Juville
Christophe Juville et son fils Christophe Juville chez lui

As in your previous interior, you have taken particular care over the look of the kitchen. Why is this?


The idea was to put the kitchen at the centre of the design! It’s in the path of the sun so at every sunset it becomes incredibly atmospheric. The coloured light from it is reflected throughout the house by the mirrors above the worktop. So the interior becomes filled with the light from outside, and the barriers disappear. This is why the mosaic outside is spread over the walls, floor and ceilings.

Where did you get your inspiration for this one?


Italy! We found our inspiration there for the choice of colours for the walls, the façade and the curved edges scattered throughout the house. All those details that make the space even nicer to live in, and provide a more delicate background for the light. As if we were in the south of Italy in a holiday home – it’s a dream come true!

We can also see a dining room table from Atelier Calcaire, a partnership run with the architect Jérémy Chaillou. This time, it calls for ‘sit-down’ dinners and structures part of the space. What made you choose that?


I felt like going back to sit-down dinners again! The JFK table by the sea is a piece directly inspired by the house and designed for it. A generous limestone top in travertine that can accommodate large family gatherings, and flamed legs to match the bronze colours of the mirrors.

How did you furnish the rest of the apartment?


So far I’ve just bought the Pierre Paulin sofa in the living room and some other new items from friends. I am thinking in particular of the Franca vases, Axel Chay‘s phallus… Other pieces are in transit! (Laughs)

Cuisine chez Christophe Juville
Mosaïque dans la cuisine de Christophe Juville
Christophe Juville dans sa cuisine

Italy was a source of inspiration for the choice of colours for the walls, the façade and the curved edges scattered throughout the house.

Chambre chez Christophe Juville
Vase chez Christophe Juville
Tabouret Axel Chay chez Christophe Juville
Chambre à coucher chez Christophe Juville Tête de lit miroir chez Christophe Juville
Livres chez Christophe Juville
Salle de bain et tomette chez Christophe Juville

Outside space is a great novelty for you. A terrace and a roof terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. What does it do for you, what does it change for you?


It’s a radical change! I have a lot of barbecues with my friends whenever I am in Marseille. These outside spaces give you an inexplicable feeling – you can’t imagine it until you experience them: the sound of the waves at night, morning coffee looking out at the sea on the terrace…

Restaurant openings, your first exhibition, the release of a book featuring your photographs and with words by journalist and author Lisa Vignoli: your projects are as varied as they are numerous. Have we forgotten anything?


Yes, it’s a project that’s close to my heart because it’s a place that I’ve been taking pictures of for years and that I’m very attached to. Lisa is talented and so thoughtful! The opening of my exhibition at Eotia Galerie in Marseille took place on 12 July. Lauriane, the owner, is passionate about photography. Finally, earlier on, I mentioned the opening of Figure, our new dining bar in Marseille, and the Lol’hotel if all goes well! (Laughs)

How do you manage all this, and is there anything else you want to do?


I want too much, and that’s the problem! My office (and my CEO, among others) is constantly holding me back because I tend to accept whatever projects are offered to me. (Laughs)

What would be your latest favourites, in Marseille or elsewhere?


In Paris, the restaurant Clarence where I recently had a blast. I also discovered a place called Tombées du camion at the Saint-Ouen flea market, where you can find a wide range of very elegant refurbished lighting. In Marseille, Le Belge. Mainly for the notion of getting there by boat in the late afternoon, watching the sunset, having a drink on the boat and eating on the beach (the best time is Sunday evening). And l’Auberge du Corsaire – Chez Paul, for the promise of fresh fish caught just a few metres away in a dream setting, and no, this isn’t marketing!

Vue sur terrasse chez Christophe Juville
Christophe Juville et son fils sur leur terrasse
Extérieur chez Christophe Juville
Terrasse chez Christophe Juville
Vue sur mer chez Christophe Juville
Crique à côté de la maison de Christophe Juville
Vue chez Christophe Juville

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