Chouquettes – Episode 20: Malika Favre
Famille - London

The Apartment of the Illustrator Malika Favre.



Chouquettes – Episode 20: Malika Favre

When we set eyes on the creations of Malika Favre, it’s as if our entire imagination had been seized by a spiral of colours and patterns. Clear flat tints, asserted like an encounter between Pop Art and Op Art, two movements that evoke the sixties. A sort of time machine made of lines and counter-forms where simplicity reigns supreme. This instantly recognisable style has enabled Malika to rise to the ranks of the most sought-after visual artists of the day. To her credit: campaigns for some of the biggest brands but also – and above all – covers for the highly respected The New Yorker magazine […]

Visit Malika Favre’s apartment here.

Deco inspiration...

Malika Favre, For Your Eyes Only

Malika Favre, For Your Eyes Only

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