Caroline Gomez, Nirina and Lou 6 years old
Family - Bordeaux

Step into the Bright and Natural Home of a French Artist in Bordeaux.



Caroline Gomez, Nirina and Lou 6 years old

Caroline Gomez is not one for non-essentials and it shows. Not only in her work but in the decoration of her home in Bordeaux, a place where the use of white, pure lines, fine materials and natural light are required from floor to ceiling. Inspired by her numerous trips but also by 50’s design, this independent creative – also a photographer – lets her instinct flow. The result is a mood allowing for exploration to all possibilities. On the walls, Caroline modifies the paintings and objects, regularly shaping a “slow and natural” design. Her ideas are surprising and engaging. Far from mass produced, her talent is practiced alongside local crafts. A bias which, in her home, makes the difference. The Socialite Family joins this multi-skilled artist for an exclusive collaboration of black and white selected pictures. Find them in our shop.

Salon Fleurir intérieur Caroline Gomez Bordeaux
Moment père-fille privilégié dans le salon de Caroline Gomez
Détour boisé et ponctué de céramique chez Caroline Gomez
Coin canapé Plante d'intérieur Caroline Gomez Bordeaux

Caroline, what is your profession?


Let’s say my occupations! I am a designer, art director and photographer. I opened my design studio in 2009.

What are your inspirations? Your design icons?


My travels inspire me a lot. I have a constant need (almost vital) to see what happens somewhere else. In terms of time, the 50’s are probably the most inspiring for me, even today. Designers such as Finn Juhl, Lucie Rie and Hans Wegner have created timeless works of art. In contemporary culture, I find it is not so much the creations of people but the energy with which they approach design, as with Katie Lockhart, Olivier Gustav, Giada Forte also All The Way to Paris, I find this collective very fascinating and regenerating! Their universe inspires me!

How would you define your style in terms of decoration?


I surround myself with beautiful materials, comfortable materials, lots of light, white and a good dose of colour. I often move furniture and my paintings change regularly.

Your definition of bad taste?


A place without soul is a place without life.

In your home, how do you start the initial process of decoration? On the walls in particular?


I initially painted white and organised colour in different rooms in terms of rhythm and to emphasise different moods. The paintings cover the walls either fully or partially to accompany or complement the architecture of the place. I like colour that discreetly draws spaces in.

Une terrasse contrastée chez Caroline Gomez
Salle à manger lumineuse et soulignée chez Caroline Gomez
Collection planche à découper Cuisine Pots Caroline Gomez
Transparence et luminosité chez Caroline Gomez
Plantes grasses Fleurir intérieur Chaise en bois Pot Caroline Gomez Paris
Revival far west chez Caroline Gomez
Portrait de famille dans le salon de Caroline Gomez

Where do you go when you are looking for furniture?


In general, I never find what I’m looking for then I stop looking and I do! But I find many crushes at flea markets…

The piece of your wildest dreams?


For me that would be more a place rather than a room or piece. I dream of a truly great and beautiful showroom to work in, display things, receive people…

What is missing in your home?


Two large rooms.

Some addresses you trust online?


To find beautiful items for the home I like to explore websites like AnothercountryQuitokeeto and Stevenalan.

Two trustworthy restaurants addresses in Bordeaux?


For a dinner like no other try Mampuku and for a delicious lunch try Bocca.

A family holiday destination you can recommend to us?


Stockholm or Copenhagen are perfect places for family holidays. Everything is organised well for activities and things with the kids. The balance between nature and urban life is perfect too. On the other hand, the dolce vita spirit of the South, towards Italy is an option, The seaside, ice fields and taking naps in the shade.





Was it during a trip to country that you took the two photography exclusives for The Socialite Family ?



No the two editions derive from a series of images made at the Montjuic Park in Barcelona. I adore visiting immense botanical gardens like this one, also greenhouses and conservatories. To photograph extracts of these places is to step into the decoration, isolating the movement of a plant, it’s silhouette and presence. I love these large prints in black and white as they are timeless.


Check out the two “Cactus” photographies by Caroline Gomez (limited edition, €260) on The Socialite Family e-shop.


To discover our special collaboration with Caroline Gomez, click here.


Credits : Constance Gennari for The Socialite Family



OSB dans la chambre de Lou chez Caroline Gomez
L'espace de jeu de Lou, chez Caroline Gomez
Rangement et couleurs chez Caroline Gomez
Détail d'un jouet en bois chez Caroline Gomez
Douceur apaisante chez Caroline Gomez
Cliché naturel chez Caroline Gomez
Jeu en famille chez Caroline Gomez
La créatrice Caroline Gomez dans son bureau
Inspirations douces chez Caroline Gomez
Simplicité nordique chez Caroline Gomez Délicatesse des matériaux naturels en accumulation chez Caroline Gomez Bureau épuré chez Caroline Gomez Détail d'affiche chez Caroline Gomez
Fraîcheur monacale chez Caroline Gomez
Opposition de forme chez Caroline Gomez
Géométrisme chez Caroline Gomez Chambre douche chez Caroline Gomez L'éclat du verre chez Caroline Gomez Des livres, chez Caroline Gomez Comme une parure délicate, chez Caroline Gomez
Cactus et assemblages ronds chez Caroline Gomez
Fleurs roses Caroline Gomez Intérieur Bordeaux

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Ohhh! love love! her home like her work ! simple, bright, natural, beautiful :)

Alexandra, 3 June 2016

What plant or flower is it?????????? LOVE IT

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