An Eclectic Dining Room

Show me your dining room and I will tell you who you are! We are seeing an increasing number of dining tables in homes; they have to be showcased. And exhibition means beautiful shapes. The mix will be highly eclectic. You can opt for colourful items like the vase by Julie Richoz, a young designer who is attracting notice, and then add a Klein Blue bench for the pop colour. Let yourself go and select high designer items like the Maaarten Baas chair from the Rossana Orlandi gallery. Stilnovo light fixtures from the 1960s are trending at the moment and blend wonderfully into a dining room with a bold look. For your grand summer dinners, choose an extensible natural wood table that is both elegant and functional and will go with any style. Over to you!

Andrea Brugnoni - galleria Rossana Orlandi

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