Zoé Rumeau, an Artist who Always Cares

Zoé Rumeau, an Artist who Always Cares

It is in the former factory of bridal dresses, transformed into phantasmagorical loft, in which Zoé Rumeau and Jean Jacques Curien raise their two children, Josef and Esther. One a sculptress, the other a carpenter have successfuly shaped together the space and the discovery of which transformed into initiatory route. Colours of nightblue, brilliant and even strange animals; furry caves in their entirety bathed by in beautiful natural light. The universe of Zoé is atypical in its image, warm and surprising. It is to be discovered on there website, Zoé Rumeau.

création travail zoé rumeau scultpure
sculpture cheval 3d zoé rumeau
loft atelier zoé rumeau
coussins peau de bête zoé rumeau
sculptures crânes blanches zoé rumeau
vase fleurs zoé rumeau
burqa cheveux sculpture zoé rumeau
salle à manger dîner zoé rumeau

Zoe, can you describe your work?


I work with materials in a broader sense. I sew, glue, mold and plaster. In actual fact, we ca say I like to torture the subject material.



I make many different things. Like the sculptures, night lights or creations for the shop windows and brands. My clients include Bonpoint, Swildens and Bonton. Animals fascinate me. I shape sea lion from a single tube, horses from cardboard, trophies from recomposed feathers, leather and fabrics, There are also things which are a little more trashy.



For example, a recent project involving photographs embroidered with hair and a burqa from real hair also. I worked for a year on a project to create 350 head in plaster, carved from a photo of my family members. They are associated with what I like to call ” Os qui coulent ” which can be a symbol of roots and filiation.

How did you become an artisan of matter?


After seven years of studying art history, I was lucky enough to meet Paul Flury, a fascinating sculptor who was a very interesting mentor for me. He allowed me to forget and to own a sense of rapport with my work and become a freer artist. He possessed a collective atelier in Montreal, to which I would frequent and still continue to visit from time to time. With him, any technical problem finds itself a solution.

Where do you find your inspirations?


I don’t know really, certain things resonate with my studies in art history, journeys I’ve embarked upon and life in general. I have a particular affinity toward sculptors and the work of women. I very much like the work of sculptress and plastic artist, Louise Bourgeois and sculptress Eva Hesse. Their universes speak to me.


How did you envision your loft would be?


Initially, it was a just a really white cube. My husband conceived the plans and designed the house to keep the sense of volume and work the space well. On the ground floor, the children’s games room is next to my studio and separated by a glass roof. On the main floor, the kitchen, the living room and dining room are all open to let the energy flow. Finally on the top level, we have the children’s rooms which have windows that overlook the living room with curtains for privacy should they require. My husband is a carpenter, he also made most of the furniture in the house and on my side, the sculptures I’ve created are scattered throughout the house.

bras poupées zoé rumeau
Zoé Rumeau, an Artist who Always Cares
Zoé Rumeau, an Artist who Always Cares
baignoire salle de bain noire zoé rumeau paris

In terms of decoration, how would yo describe your style?



I would say eclectic and raw. I always have the same rapport with the material in what I mock and utilise. I love stuffed animals, plants and natural materials such as linen and leather. Then, I bounce those around as required and with the materials I have in stock. The idea of bright light cultures just occurred. We need them. Another fun example is the sofa cushions. They are made from the robes of a priest in the 19th century that a friend had given to me. Besides that, I make do with pieces that I love – the Tsé tsé vases, the Jacques Jarring in the living room and the creations of Sophia 203. In particular, the headbands which are in the bathroom.


Do you have a bargain of which you are most proud?


My collection of porcelain dolls that I got in Jaipur which are in the bathroom. Moreover, they are one of my favourite parts of he house.


What are your addresses for finding knickknacks?



I really have no favourites. It works more when you’re not looking and have that immediate crush. I hunt for antiques during holidays and on Le Bon Coin. Otherwise, there is also a site called Le Repère des Belettes which you can buy pretty linen sheets or dames jeannes.

What is your favourite destination for a family holiday?


Without question, India. There is just so much to see and do. Travelling by an elephant or camel, chasing the roaming peacocks, wandering in the colourful markets, dreaming about the Maharaja and about Maharani in the psychedelic palaces of Rajasthan, drawing the banks of the waters in kerala… Every year we return to this happiness.

crâne plume personnalisé oeuvre zoé rumeau
mère fils famille zoé rumeau
verrarium plantes Zoé Rumeau
livres bibliothèque zoé rumeau
travail sculpture Zoé Rumeau
en cours travail création Zoé Rumeau
salon famille Zoé Rumeau

Crédits : Eve Campestrini @thesocialitefamily

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