Sophie Trem, or The Other Art of Living

Sophie Trem, or The Other Art of Living

Sophie Term is an indefatigable optimist. So much so, she decided to create The Art Of Living two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. It’s an ode to all those little thing contributing to embellish our daily lives. Her dynamic ability and genuine spirit to distill positive mantras have made of a her an in unavoidable 2.0 actress of the slow life. An activity that harmonizes her other fascinating job, taking care of the communication and the image for Qwant, a secure and private search engine. It’s unique in its approach, respecting the privacy of its users without tracking, which is a first at the time of systematic data processing. It’s a challenge the Parisian likes to find the solutions to, every day next to her family. That afternoon, Sophie invited us into her urban refuge around a beautiful afternoon snack table only she has the secret of. Her apartment is a luminous white place filled with memories from here and elsewhere around the world.

Accumulation de cadres chez Sophie Trem
Goûter chez Sophie Trem
Une belle table, chez Sophie Trem

Sophie, what is your profession?


I am responsible for the image and communication of Qwant, a French search engine that respects the privacy of its users without tracing activity. Parallel to that, I have a blog called The Other Art of Living, where I share what I can on my quest for anything that helps me living a better life.

What are your inspirations?


So many! It could be a movie, a journey, a story, a meeting… I like people that are creators, who make things and realise the dreams they have! On a decor level, a must-do is to spend an entire day exploring Maison & Objet. It is a place full to the brim with ideas and there’s a whole host of new designers to discover! Above all, I have a deep respect for craftsmanship and expertise.

How would you define your style?


I really like simplicity and sophistication. Mixing genres… I tend to like pieces and items that are timeless and contain a story, experience and history.

In your home, do you have any rooms of preference?


The living room is my favorite space ; I basically live in it ! It corresponds different moments of the day and we spend a lot of family time there. I really like the centrality and the light we have. But I’m not sure I can pinpoint exactly what I like. It’s really taking the rooms energy and ambiance as a whole; the smells, the music, the mood… It brings back memories from many of our trips where we buy trinkets that we love. I have a dedicated place for all my travel souvenirs and rare bibelots, it’s a little shrine to all the treasures we’ve unearthed.

What is missing in your home?


Nothing! I have no space for anything else!

Can you give us some address online?


In addition to the famoux Ebay and Le Bon Coin, I read several blogs haphazardly:Desire To Inspire, Inside Closet, La maison d’Anna G. and For Interieur. Interior e-shops have a lot of the things I like too. Without hesitation I look on the websites of Fleux, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

A few addresses of restaurants you recommend in Paris?


I am a big Asian restaurant fan! Both of these recommendations are in the 13th arrondissement and promise a change of scenery! I suggest Lao Viet for it’s traditional cuisine and New Hoa Khoan for the best dim sum in Paris. Otherwise for everyday l’Épicerie Générale and Paper Boy for the great brunches !

Advice for a holiday destination?


Tikal Lodge, an eco-lodge designed completely by a couple, on the way to Dordogne. You are totally cut off from the outside world and in the heart of nature!

Credits : Constance Gennari

Un véritable kiosque de magazines chez Sophie Trem
Collection de papillons chez Sophie Trem
Association jean et cuir sur Sophie Trem
De vieilles reliures chez Sophie Trem
Un intérieur blanc et lumineux chez Sophie Trem
Souvenir d'Inde chez Sophie Trem
Polaroïds souvenir chez Sophie Trem
Quelques souvenirs chez Sophie Trem Un buffet garnie chez Sophie Trem Une devise encourageante chez Sophie Trem Lit à étage chez Sophie Trem
Petit garçon malicieux chez Sophie Trem
Une table champêtre chez Sophie Trem

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