Molli, the Rebirth with <br> Charlotte de Fayet

Molli, the Rebirth with
Charlotte de Fayet

When she opens the door of her apartment, Charlotte de Fayet appears, radiant, wearing Molli. This iconic Swiss knitwear brand – specialised in hosiery and then in clothes for babies – celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. Years spent to offer the best thanks to a savoir-faire and a unique knowledge of pieces for babies, so pleasant to wear that they pass on from generation to generation. Actually Charlotte de Fayet herself reproduced this pattern. It was love at first sight. After having chosen clothes for her baby, visiting shops and conducting intensive researches, she became its owner. Her goal: strengthen and carry on this amazing success. First by working on the wardrobe of women, but also and mainly by prioritising the development of the brand’s fame by press and advisers. Charlotte de Fayet wants to preserve this qualitative niche market from the ultra-competitive and fast obsolete world of fashion. The Parisian learnt about marketing in prestigious companies and knows better than anyone the importance of the maxim “retail is detail”. She masterfully makes Molli a reference for moms in the whole world. You can feel Charlotte de Fayet’s strategy, around a discrete luxury and timeless lines, even in the architecture of the brand’s new pop up store, designed by the agency DAS. Both there and in her apartment, the choices are well thought out and strong. It’s quite surprising for this fan of magazines who could want to change her decoration all the time! Let’s meet a woman who fell in love with her occupation. We meet a woman in love with her profession and who, for the development of our newborn baby kit, did not hesitate to put her craftsmen’s expertise at our disposal by asking them to create a pair of baby slippers especially for us.

The Socialite Family Newborn Baby Kit €75. Available now in our e-shop. Also to be found in our pop-up shop at 30, Rue du Vertbois. Opening: from Wednesday to Saturday Hours:11:00 – 20:00

Salon Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
MAISON DU MONDE Glass cylinder vase 20,00€

Glass cylinder vase
Dimension: H.40 x W.15 cm

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Rock The Kasbah Cotton light chair Sur demande

Twine and cotton light chair
Black epoxy iron structure
Dimensions: 45x35x80 cm

Price on request directly to the brand Rock The Kasbah

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Escalier Immeuble Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Portrait Salon Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet

Charlotte, who are you?


I’m a 37-year-old married Parisian and the mother of two children. I just took the iconic knitwear brand Molli over, whose soft character and quality I discovered when my children were born.

What has your career path been?


I studied in a business school and specialised in marketing. I started at Danone, with Evian, a transgenerational brand where I learnt a lot. Then, I went for almost 2 years to live in Argentina, where I started up a project in art and social. When I got back, I worked for L’Oréal in the luxury department, where I learnt about retail since I was in charge of the marketing for Kiehl’s and Shu Uemura. When my 2nd child was born, I wanted to start a project and as luck would have it, I took Molli over! It has been two years now. We added a collection for women to the iconic one for babies.

What’s the story of Molli? Why did you take this brand over?


Molli was born at the end of the XIXth century, when “hosiery” boomed. It was first fine knit underwear for women, adapted to the silhouette of the time (tight-fitting dresses). Molli offered knitted underwear in a fine and delicate knit, extremely complex to make, with perfect finishing touches. Then, these products have been abandoned for acrylic, which changed lingerie. So the brand opened a second chapter and invented clothes for babies in the 50s – the baby wear was knitted by women themselves. Thanks to its savoir-faire and perfect knowledge of soft and exquisite pieces, Molli was very successful. It was “Hermès for babies”. Now I’d like to carry on this desire for innovation and to offer, in addition to the birth collection (0-12 months and its famous “sleep suit” passed on from generation to generation), a collection for women in the spirit of Molli. Impeccable, refined, feminine and trendy knit tops, must-haves in our wardrobes with the iconic Molli knit and its legendary “garter stitch” with trousers, dresses and skirts easy to wear, with details in the stitches, collars and cuffs. I think Molli must be in the wardrobes of women who like fashion without following every trend, the ones who love discrete luxury, pure and timeless lines. What I like about Molli is the fact it is a brand with a history (it’s celebrating its 130th anniversary this year) and a savoir-faire people have appreciated for generations: knitwear. When I took it over, I asked women who knew the brand to do a Chinese portrait. A very clear group of images, words and values came out of it. It was the base of my work to define the whole universe of the brand, for the designs and colours, but also for the finishing touches, packaging, shops, shop windows and pictures. Everything has the “Molli” spirit, which guarantees a coherent artistic direction and a very strong feeling of obviousness. It also came out that people were attached to the brand. It entered the life of numerous women when they gave birth. Our knitwear was the very first clothes of their babies. So there is an irrational and very emotional attachment to the brand. Actually I’m part of these women who literally fell in love with Molli.

What’s your favourite cloth in the collection for babies? And for women?


In the collection for babies, I would say the iconic sleep suit which has been existing from 60 years and is trendy as ever. This is actually the design I got offered and, since I had to change the size, I first met the sales assistant in Saint-Germain shop and entered the Molli adventure. For women, I love the collar tops. We feel good and are chic. Two-in-one.

Escargot jaune en plastique décoration Salon Appartement Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Bougies Salon Décoration Salon Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Portrait Salon Directrice Générale Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Salon Photographie art Bibliothèque Livres Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
La Redoute Rosebury Linen pouffe 233,00€

Linen pouffe by the designer Emmanuel Gallina for AM.PM

Dimension: L.41 x H.42 x D.41 cm


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Au fil des couleurs Mediterranea Wall Paper 140,00€

Mediterranea Wall Paper Cole and Son realised by Pierro Fornasetti.

Dimension : 1000 x 52 cm

Price on request.

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AMAZON Book by Seydou Keïta 86,00€

Book by Seydou Keïta untitled “Photographs Bamako, Mali 1948-1963”

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Layette bébé Molli Directrice Générale Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Escaliers Immeuble Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet
Souvenirs Photographiques Salon Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Ambiente Direct Big Shadow PO 98 Floor Lamp by Marcel Wanders 2 206,00€

Big Show PO 98 floor lamp designed in 1998 by Marcel Wanders for the Italian design manufacturer Cappellini.

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Rangements bois et livres Lampe ronde Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris

What would like to achieve with the brand? How do you think it will evolve?


Molli lives in the incredibly competitive and fast obsolete world of fashion. I want to preserve it from this crazy rhythm and to keep what is part of this positioning. The idea of a timeless and confidential brand in a niche market for initiated women. We are going to start working in wholesale in Europe (mostly Germany, Switzerland and Benelux), in Japan and in the United States, but in a very “surgeon” way: we will privilege the positioning of the concept stores where we are going to enter. We want the sale points where there will be our products to be a setting for the brand. Everyone can buy on our website We actually send pieces in the entire world. It’s great to please customers everywhere. The first challenge is going to be the development of the brand’s fame, thanks to the press and the women of influence who will “advise” it. In the medium term, my dream would be to have about 10 Molli stores in the world. Places where we could have the spirit of the brand, its timeless must-haves that would not change and the new items that would come liven up the collections but also the birth collection, today seen as “mini-Molli”. But we are not in a hurry. I want to move on without making mistakes, while being loyal to the brand’s history and values.

How would you define your style in terms of decoration and fashion?


I read a lot of fashion and decoration magazines. It’s actually dangerous since it makes me want to change everything all the time! We live in a top-floor flat with a loft spirit, white walls and a light oak wooden floor. In this quite contemporary setting, I chose to focus on carpets, books and pictures to make it warmer. If I had to sum up my style, I’d say it’s a base of Liaigre in which a lot of elements would have been added! The main pieces of furniture in the living room are a big petrol grey velvet Flexform sofa and a desk reedited by Prouvé. On the walls, there are the pictures of the argentin association PH15, which helps street children by giving them photography lessons. I also chose the Mediterranea wallpaper by Fornasetti in the corridors to make them warmer. In terms of decoration, I like muted, cosy and warm places. My mom had a press office and she was in charge of Manuel Canovas and Porthault. At home, it was often flowery carpeting and tables full of candles! If I had to move, I think I’d do a totally different decoration, with ecru velvet curtains, wallpaper and objects bargain-hunted in flea markets. In terms of fashion, for the everyday outfits, I wear a lot of Molli designs and mix them with clothes by Acne and COS. I like the elegant and contemporary comfort of this kind of outfit.

What is your typical day as a mum?


The alarm clock goes off at 7.30, and from that moment, it’s a race to be ready for school at 8.30 (hopefully it’s just one minute walk from home). I like getting dressed fast with clothes which makes me look good and are easy to wear. Once the children at school, I go to the office, only ten minutes away, on my electric scooter (an awesome Christmas gift), and from then, the day goes by very quickly. I usually can’t go and eat outside, so it’s often Cojean in the office. But I don’t get tired of if! I finish work at 7.15 to free my nanny and I have one hour to enjoy my children, who have already had dinner and brushed their teeth. We just have the “quality time”, play cards, read stories and they go to bed at 8.30, well often at 9. My husband and I go to see friends every other night or they come to have dinner home. In this case, I usually go to Da Rocco to buy buratta and aubergine lasagne. During the winter, we hibernate, but when it starts to be sunny again, we enjoy Paris. We go to the theatre, restaurants and viewings.

Is there a good restaurant you would recommend us?


The Cherche Midi, an Italian menu to die for in a French brasserie setting.

Couloirs Papier-peint Fornasetti Mediterranea Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Photographie Charlotte de Fayet Directrice Générale Molli
Livres Charlotte de Fayet Directrice Générale Molli Paris
Escaliers Immeuble Entrée Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris
Livre Astier de Villate Ma vie à Paris Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet
Salon Mur de photographies Végétation Fleurs Directrice Générale Molli Charlotte de Fayet Paris

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