Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox

Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox

The ties that bind us are unique and tend to strengthen on some occasions. Christmas is one of them. It’s a time Marissa Cox and her partner Nuno especially like. Dressing up, rediscovering and surprising each other: it’s for these moments that they enjoy all the planning. They work hand in hand, especially when it comes to the culinary arts, their preference. Marissa is a photographer and a talented curator. Her specialty is to inform her readers about the last places in vogue on her website, Rue Rodier. From Fès to Paris, her city of adoption since 2013, she focuses on these little details that makes a difference. An aesthetical choice which wins the public. The English woman collaborates with prestigious brands while wandering in the city, while Nuno puts all his strength and time into The Outdoor Journal, an adventure travel magazine and platform offering original trips. These two bons vivants just follow their desires and the opportunities they create for themselves. Their last one? Inviting us to their home to give The Socialite Family an intimate insight of Christmas festivities. Their Christmas festivities.

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Marissa, can you introduce yourself?


I’m an English photographer, content creator and blogger.

For how long have you been living in Paris?


It’s been almost 4 years… Time flies!

How did you get the idea of Rue Rodier?


I started thinking about it when I moved to Paris. Rue Rodier was the name of the first street where I lived with my boyfriend. In London, I used to work as a PR and as an editor for an art, culture and fashion website. When I arrived in Paris, it became obvious that I wanted my own space to express myself in order to showcase my Paris experiences. Thanks to photography, my passion, I made it happen. That’s how Rue Rodier was born.

If you had to sum up your daily life in three words?


Creative, different and educational!

The year’s end celebrations are coming. What are you going to do? Where are you going to spend these moments?


I’m going to go back to England and spend two weeks in London and Canterbury with my family and friends.

Portrait Influenceur Marissa Cox
Table Noël Appartement Marissa Cox
Table Noël Compagnon Nuno Carrot Cake Marissa Cox

Are you preparing these celebrations together with Nuno? How do you divide the tasks up?


Yes, of course! Usually, Nuno is in charge of the wine, and if we consider eating fish for dinner, he will be in charge of it as well, since he’s Portuguese and fish is his specialty! As for me, I help my mother. But there are no predefined roles!

Do you have rituals which unite you both?


It’s only the second Christmas we are going to spend together, but yes, we already have our little rituals! We both love good wine and good food. In Paris, we love going to the market in Bastille, every Sunday, to do the shopping for the week. We add some oysters, a glass of Muscadet and some Creole fried fish or vegetable balls, which we taste directly there. It’s a tradition we perpetuate even during the Christmas holidays!

What advice could you give us to make a nice Christmas table?


A beautiful table must reflect the style of the person who decorates it! As far as I’m concerned, I love pretty plates, especially the collections from La Trésorerie and from Astier de Villatte. I embellish the table with elegant glasses, candles, and pretty cloth napkins. I also like having a table centrepiece! In England, we’ll add Christmas crackers – it’s an English tradition.

Do you have an idea of what your menu for Christmas will be?


To start, it will be smoked salmon, some prawns and a glass of prosecco or champagne. For the main course, we’ll eat a stuffed turkey with a home-made cranberry sauce. We love varying the side dishes! So there will be roast potatoes and carrots, candied yams, Yorkshire puddings, Brussels sprouts and also pigs in blankets. And to finish, we’ll have a Yule log, a Christmas pudding and then mince pies.

Finally, what’s your best Christmas memory?


It is the memory of my mother and I decorating the tree while listening to Christmas songs, eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine.

Portrait Couple Marissa Cox Nuno Compagnon
Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox
Just Before Christmas, with Marissa Cox
Salon Déco Influenceur Marissa Cox

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

Curated by Chaumet.

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