Just Before Christmas, with India Weber

Just Before Christmas, with India Weber

Family is India Weber’s driving force. She is a model but also an entrepreneure: the young woman knew how to use what her parents taught her. A love for beautiful things we fully see today. India is the host of the cultural show “J’ai un ticket” on the TV channel Paris Première. Another challenge for this blond and slender woman who has tremendous energy. Often helped by her sister, who assists her for the shots for India’s Insights, her looks are a huge success. As much as her inspirations and her favourites she recommends to her whole community. Sharing has been part of her life philosophy, even more since the birth of Andrea, her first child, a few months ago. The model is radiant, and she is keen to share with us the preparation of the year’s end celebrations. A unique opportunity for mother and daughters to meet, to share together inspired style lessons, drinking a cup of tea. These are friendly moments, which show a strong family bond between three generations. We were lucky enough to live one of them.

Déco Salon Famille India Weber
Portrait Salon Déco India Weber
Livres Bibliothèque Salon Famille India Weber
Tourne Disque Salon Vinyl India Weber

India, who are you?


I am a woman who is always questioning herself with the aim of moving forward in my life.

What has your career been?


When I was 19, I was spotted by the agency Elite, for which I still work today. This job made me travel a lot and my camera was always in my suitcase. Pictures of the photography studios, of my getaways, of the people I met: I photographed everything. Someday, one of my close friends, herself a blogger, encouraged me to share my experiences! India’s Insights started at that very moment.

Can you tell us about India’s Insights?


India’s Insights is a collection of moods, looks, inspirations, crushes, videos, places to go, and trips. There is something for everyone!

Did Paris Première offer you to host “J’ai un ticket” thanks to your website?


Not really. I had already auditioned and had several projects that did not materialise. Then I met, several years ago, a woman I admire a lot and who works in Paris Première. She has always believed in me and she asked to take a test for the show. Incidentally, my performance was far for being great but they gave me a second chance. Bingo!

What do you like the most in this host job?


At Paris Première, the atmosphere is great. I work with an exceptional team. It enables me to be immersed in a new world, to keep up with the news, to go to see shows, all sorts of cultural events, and all of this to make the audience discover about it. I love this job!

Just Before Christmas, with India Weber
Famille Soeur Mère Salon Canapé India Weber
Livres Art Basquiat Salon Table Basse India Weber
Fleurs Salon Table Basse India Weber
Salle à Manger Appartement Déco India Weber
Art Déco Tableau Appartement India Weber
Couloir Parquet peinture Blanche India Weber

Is this love for culture and for beautiful things a family thing?


Not really, even if my father always wanted to share with me his passion for art and literature. My parents especially made me travel, which is also a form a culture, isn’t it?

Which exhibitions and plays you would recommend us for the end of the year?


I quite simply invite you to discover my last show, in which I recommend you multitude of cultural good plans!

Where did you plan to spend the festive season?


For the first time, I take my son to discover the sea and the white sand!

What does winter celebrations represent to you? 


It can seem hackneyed, but it is quite simply a moment during which we all find the way to gather and to eat without feeling guilty. This one will probably be the most particular of all… It’s my son’s first one.


What are you projects for 2017?


I would like a trip to an unknown land!

Salon Canapé Coussins Appartement India Weber
Just Before Christmas, with India Weber
Plantes Vertes Déco Appartement India Weber
Chien Appartement India Weber

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

Curated by Chaumet.

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