Dedar, The Italians’ Clan

Dedar, The Italians’ Clan

Italian design house Dedar, has been creating fabrics for the home since 1976. Dedar is a brand steeped in family history conscientiously upholding the ‘Handmade in Italy’ value with great aplomb. Constantly expanding, it is Raffaele and Caterina, children of founders Nicola and Elda that have taken the reins of this prestigious design institution with a continuation of their family’s passion. Deriving not so far from Milan, the duo is orchestrating masterful collections and have a boldly contrastive universe. For it’s latest collection, Dedar is taking us on a voyage around the world ! Starting out in China, crossing over to India, making a stop in Africa then finishing in Italy, the prints and materials are astonishing in their depth of design and consistent in their quality. Here is our brief but brilliant encounter with them. 


photos campagne publicité Dedar

Raffaele hello, the new collection of Dedar takes us on a journey to India, China and Italy in the 1940’s through fabric and print, is this the result of a specific inspiration?


Altogether the collection is inspired by our travels of course but also our passion for fashion, design and art. The collection is the result of our meetings or the places we visit that are impactful to us. This year in July, we launched our US subsidiary so  we had to make several trips to the United States. During our time there on one of our trips, my sister Caterina and I went to visit the Foundation Josef & Anni Albers, just north of New York. This was a real discovery for us, to delve into their art and their world which inspired the fabrics Present Perfect and Present Continuous: a tribute to matter, thread and the essence of weaving.

How do you think of your upcoming collections?


We believe that the collections are a great space for freedom of expression. We look to technical excellence, aesthetics and functionality, all with a constant and exact balance between tradition and innovation. We always to try create our own path by following our desires, which in turn makes it the inimitable style of Dedar.

Canapé Dedar

Who is the Dedar client for you?


The Dedar customer is curious, passionate and daring. They enjoy a mixture of styles and cultures. They seek excellence but without taking themselves too seriously. A seducer who can also be seduced, if you will.

Your current campaign has a strong personality and an amazing audacity, what was the impetus of such a strong message?


Constance, thank you for your reading of our campaign.There is indeed a simple and immediate language, much like a stolen image. It has been three years in the making for this new style with our photographer Andrea Ferrari who played a fundamental role, his sophistication in framing and lighting is sublime. He was able to give a new impression of life to places of history such as the Milan Villa Cecchi Campiglio in 2015 and the Sormani Library in 2016. Our team worked particularly well and we hope to continue in that way!

détail tissu Dedar
cadre photo Dedar détail tissu imprimé Dedar tissu rayures Dedar détail tissu imprimé 2 Dedar Dedar, The Italians’ Clan canapé et table basse Dedar détail fauteuil Dedar Raffaele et Cristina Dedar

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