À Table Avec: Chloé Hennequez

À Table Avec: Chloé Hennequez

Following on from the fantasy of a first meal with Arnold d’Alger, The Socialite Family is now honouring its second episode of “À Table Avec” at the home of Chloé Hennequez. A world imbued with sweetness, which we invite you to discover over a dinner by candlelight. The content creator’s home has an exclusive atmosphere of unique warmth nestled under the roof of an ideal retreat for receiving guests. Because the Parisian pays special attention to the decoration and scenography of her wooden workbenches. At the same time, she abides by one watchword: slow living. Ranging from the living room to the dining room, by passing the plate, this young woman makes the most of natural ingredients and seasonal produce! Vegetarian dishes take pride of place here. Amazing alternatives to traditional meat dishes – originating from her e-book of recipes – that will not leave out those with a taste for gourmet food, such as her home-made foie gras – prepared from nuts and mushrooms! Everything is served on vintage tableware picked up just a few steps away from the house, in the Saint-Ouent flea market. The proximity to this flea market allows our hostess to surround herself with vintage objects that delight both the eye and the guests! Candlesticks, table linen: all sorts of objects that the founder of the Instagram account @chloeandyou enjoys combining for end-of-year parties. To enhance the moments she shares with her loved ones in her own special way!

You can find the two others episodes of À Table Avec, devoted to Arnold d’Alger and Chloé Hennequez, in our Portraits section.

Table en bois chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Chemin de table végétal chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Chloé Hennequez dressant sa table chez elle à Saint-Ouen
Chloé Hennequez #1
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  • Chloé, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Chloe, and I’m a content creator. I run an Instagram account and a blog called @chloeandyou. I mainly write about my family life, recipes, and our approach to responsible consumption. I tackle a range of subjects regarding everyday life, ethical fashion, clean beauty, parenthood, health, healthy and vegetarian food, zero waste…

  • You advocate conscious and respectful consumption; how do you prepare for the festive season while remaining faithful to your commitments?
It’s quite easy to respect our commitments because our lifestyle doesn’t change, despite it being a period of overconsumption. We buy second-hand gifts, or ones that are ethical or intangible, which we wrap in furoshiki-style folded napkins. Above all, we cook vegetarian meals for the whole family who love our dishes!
  • What are your tips for setting a festive table?

Firstly, we try to use what we already have and, if necessary, we’ll bargain hunt for particular accessories. We love crockery – vintage or the latest designs – and we’re always on the lookout for pieces. It’s a passion! And if we buy new, it’s always from responsible brands. As for table linen, we either go for second-hand or, if new, 100% natural materials such as linen, hemp or organic cotton, preferably coloured with vegetable dyes. But in my opinion, a little greenery is what makes all the difference. A fir branch, a little eucalyptus or Baby’s-breath to create a welcoming table in no time at all. We might add a few small Christmas baubles, fresh fruit: grapes, clementines, pears… And of course, for the festive touch, antique and mismatched candlesticks with pretty candles.

Table de Noël de Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen

We love crockery - vintage or the latest designs - and we're always on the lookout for pieces. It's a passion!

Bougeoirs chinés sur la table de Noël de Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Table de Noël chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen Table de Noël chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
  • Any vegetarian recipes you’d like to share, so we can treat our guests over the holidays?

At the end of last year, my husband Anthony and I released a Holiday Season Vegetarian Recipes” ebook. 28 sweet and savoury recipes for vegetarians, or indeed anyone wanting to set a lovely table and serve gourmet dishes. We love preparing our vegetable ‘false fat’ terrine, which our close ones love, as well as choux pastry filled with Parmesan cream and truffles and lots of other appetizers. Then a veggie Wellington accompanied by a roasted sweet potato gratin with garlic cream and roasted four-spice onions. And for dessert, a pavlova with spicy pears and coconut cinnamon whipped cream. We love to show those around us, friends, family and subscribers that eating vegetarian food is far from boring. Plus it’s a way of making a statement. Don’t forget that food is our most powerful lever to maintain a liveable planet because how we eat works hand-in-hand with the most important factors that allow life on earth.

  • Where will we find you in the coming months?

Most likely at La Tablée d’Elo in the Saint-Ouen flea market, at the Vernaison market, as well as the Mezzanine Paris in the 7th arrondissement. You’ll also find us at Poême, our neighbourhood florist who respects the seasonality of plants, and of course with our traders and artisans for good local products that make all the difference.

  • Your Christmas childhood favourites?

I don’t have any specific dishes – I love serving several, so everyone can enjoy a bit of everything. A welcoming table, all about sharing, just like the “mezze” meals served in Mediterranean cuisine.

Chloé et sa table de Noël chez elle à Saint-Ouen
Cuisine chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen Petits fours dans la cuisine de Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Cuisine chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Ustensiles de cuisine chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Chloé Hennequez et son chien à Saint-Ouen

I love serving several dishes, so everyone can enjoy a bit of everything. A welcoming table, all about sharing (...)

Cuisine chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen
Bougie et décoration chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen Calendrier de l'avent chez Chloé Hennequez à Saint-Ouen

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