Camille Co: Let’s Meet <br> this Decoration Lover

Camille Co: Let’s Meet
this Decoration Lover

Camille’s apartment, an instantaneously welcoming place, is just like her: warm and refined. A true sweet moment with this radiant decoration lover, who, despite a very busy agenda, fast became passionate about decoration. Assembling objets is her favourite game. A compositional work which creates a story for every single corner of her home. With this aim in mind, Camille plays with temporality and mixes contemporary design, photographs, travel memories and vintage objects. A meticulous layout which enables the creation of asymmetries and where colours unite. Her goal? Making her friends wonder about the very particular character of this space she has fantasised for a long time. Seeing them spending a lot of time at her never-ending dinners is her proudest achievement. A logical continuation of this visceral need of sharing. So, as if she didn’t want to stop there, this hyperactive woman started creating decoration herself, with a friend. A floral decoration. A joint work for very beautiful flower and branch crowns, who will probably appear in other living rooms than hers.

Salon Appartement Paris Camille Co
Salon Appartement Livres Art Dior Paris Camille Co
Bougies Fleurs séchées Salon Appartement Camille Co
Papier peint Mediterranea Au fil des couleurs Salon Paris Camille Co
Livres Bibliothèque Bougie Papier peint Mediterranea Salon Paris Camille Co
Tabouret Bishop Livres Déco Salon Paris Camille Co
Bougies Cheminée Appartement Salon Paris Camille Co

Camille, what do you do for a living?


I am a lawyer and Louis works in a start-up working in crowdfunding. When I can, I compulsively decorate our apartment and I become a florist. I love floral decoration. Recently, a friend and I have started making flower and branch crowns. We’ve been lucky: we posted a picture on Instagram, a lot of friends loved and we ended up organizing a sale of flower crowns on December 10th.

For how long have you been living in this apartment?


We moved in a year ago.

How did this passion for decoration start?


I’ve always been surrounded by it. My mother is a decoration lover, so it’s a bit like a family virus passed down from generation to generation.

What did you like the most when you moved in?


The garden and the volumes in which it’s so pleasant to live. Some friends lived here and some others in this building, so I had no trouble imagining ourselves here: I completely fantasized on this apartment.

Portrait Camille Co Salon Appartement Paris
Chambre Appartement Paris Camille Co
Coiffeuse Bois Salon Appartement Bibliothèque Paris Camille Co
Salle à manger Appartement Camille Co Paris
Couronne de fleurs Création Camille Co Appartement Paris

How would you define your style in terms of decoration?


Warm and with character, I hope. I like playing with forms, creating asymmetries and having colours matching. I think this apartment looks like us and our close relations feel good there. We love never-ending diners with friends, and seeing them appropriating the place is great.

Where do you go when you are looking for a piece of furniture?


I go to the Conran Shop for design objects, and at Caravane for the sofas and household linen. For fabrics, we love going to Pierre Frey and Manuel Canovas. As for the small objects and tableware, they come from the market Paul Bert and from Sarah Lavoine. I also love Epsilon, a decorator from Lyon. And finally, we have to admit we particularly love bringing objects back from our trips. They always create an echo, associated with the moment, with something obsessive which gives the feeling the trip keeps going.

Which period do you prefer in the design history?


I have a soft spot for the XXth century and all its geniuses: Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Marco Zanuso, Eero Saarinen, Warren Platner, the Eames, Achille Castiglioni and Philippe Hurel. But it doesn’t prevent me from admiring the work of today’s decorators! I really love the works of Dorothée Melizchon, Isabelle Charavay, Christian Liaigre, India Mahdavi – for the colours – and Sarah Lavoine, who really understands the spirit of the times.

What is missing in your apartment?


A sculpture by Nathalie Decoster, a collage by Victor Vasarely, bowls by Ettore Sottsass, a photograph by Massimo Vitali, a Warren Platner armchair, a table Eero Saarinen, a stool by Sarah Lavoine that would go with our frieze, a flamenco by Deyrolle, an Atolo lamp, a Snoopy lamp and an Arco lamp – I love lamps. Let’s admit the list is long. But any dream can become reality!

What is your favourite colour?


For decoration, black and white, and sometimes grey. And with Louis, I also get to love navy blue. I had trouble with the idea of painting only one wall: when you dare something, you must follow through with your ideas. So I often give in to the daring of an enveloping casing spirit with a wallpaper with character.

Portrait Camille Co Salon Appartement Paris
Livres Art Salon Appartement Camille Co Paris
Salon Fauteuil RAR Eames Tabouret Bishop India Mahdavi Appartement Camille Co Paris
Salon Canapé bleu Livres Bibelots Lampes Appartement Camille Co Paris
Cabinet de curiosités emménagé Papillons Coquillages Bougie Trudon Fleurs séchées Appartement Camille Co Paris
Tabouret Butterfly Bois Salon Appartement Camille Co Paris

Some friends lived here and some others in this building, so I had no trouble imagining ourselves here: I completely fantasized on this apartment.

Miroir salon Lampe ronde lumineuse Cheminée Appartement Camille Co Paris
Salon Trophée en bois cerf Fleurs séchées Souvenirs Photographies Appartement Camille Co Paris
Lampe à poser Guéridon en bois vintage Appartement Camille Co Paris
Lampe volière Mathieu Challières Papier-peint Hummingbirds Camille Co Appartement Paris

Credits : Eve Campestrini @thesocialitefamily

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