Maison Epigenetic, Holistic Health

Maison Epigenetic, Holistic Health

“It’s never too early or too late to take care of yourself.” This is the caring and considerate approach taken by the Maison Epigenetic 2.0 care centre. A small private hotel located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris devoted to well-being, with a scientific view of care that sets it apart from its peers. Advanced technologies in the service of health. Here, artificial intelligence is used to assess your biological age, so they can offer you treatments that directly impact ageing.  Innovative processes carried out by Valérie Leduc and Xavier Rambaud. A complementary partnership in which one is an aesthetic doctor and the other an entrepreneur. Familiar with the demands of beauty medicine and the luxurious service provided in top hotels – and thanks in particular to their experience in Switzerland – the two partners have established Maison Epigenetic. In this warm and welcoming environment, they can “enhance the health” of their clients while giving them “the keys to a personalised lifestyle”. And no expense has been spared! At 4, rue Cimarosa, every effort is made to offer visitors a personalised lifestyle in line with their needs. Nutrition, stress management, sports and social life: the key ingredients for good health are all provided by a tailor-made team. Nutritionists, beauty practitioners, sports coaches, a hypnotherapist and even an acupuncturist, add their expertise to the skills of the IT department and data and bio research specialists. A small army working to give patients a healthy mind in a healthy body. And to perfect the concept, Maison Epigenetic has taken great care over its packaging. Harnessing the art of feng-shui! The two founders designed this calm setting hand in hand with our professional service based on a number of pieces from The Socialite Family collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. Pieces that reflect their desire for a space that is “chic, uncluttered and, above all, not ostentatious” and where one feels at home. To take care of you beautifully!

Maison Epigenetic, 4 rue Cimarosa – 75116 Paris. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. To find out more about the treatments and programmes the centre offers, visit or call +33 (0)180 979171

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The Socialite Family Roma Rug, Pinkish Beige 1 390,00€ Know more
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The Socialite Family Rotondo modular sofa in cream white curly wool 4 950,00€ Know more
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The Socialite Family Carlotta Black Side Table 570,00€

The Carlotta occasional table in lacquered beech wood is one of the classics of The Socialite Family, as is its coffee table version. Discover this model in full colour.

A vintage-inspired look

The Socialite Family brand’s aesthetic is all about her: Constance Gennari, our founder and artistic director, who, thanks to her Franco-Italian roots, has acquired a unique sensibility where her background and a design culture punctuated by vintage inspirations come together.

The Carlotta occasional table pays a vibrant tribute to this. And also to the 20th-century French designer, Charlotte Perriand, to whom this design with its Italian name refers. A strong woman, with a prolific and fascinating output, who paid great attention to the details of her creations. With ours, it is the colourful and, above all, the shiny lacquered finish of the beechwood legs that makes the difference. So the Carlotta occasional table is sure to find a home in both large and small spaces. Play with scale by putting it alongside a Carlotta coffee table for the most precious and glossy look imaginable.

Ideal finishes for a piece that is both classic and modern

The Carlotta occasional table is a fusion of carved wood and lacquer. It strikes the perfect balance between the renowned skills of our specialist craftsmen and a timeless look that will fit in beautifully in your home:

• Frame in lacquered beech wood made in Italy: black, red or green. An elegant carved wooden structure illuminated by the lacquer. In the same way as on our coffee table and our Gioia table lamp.

• Height 50 cm – Diameter 50 cm: the perfect size, which makes the Carlotta occasional table ideal for both large and small spaces.

Carlotta, an occasional table to suit all tastes

Perfect as a bedside table, or as a side table for your living room, beside your bookshelves, in your hall or your office, the Carlotta can be used alone or in combination.

So it’s over to you to use the mirror effect of its lacquer to add the finishing touch your decoration or to complete the scene you’ve already started to set with its counterpart, the coffee table. With its smooth, pleasant feel and curved shape, the sculptural look of the Carlotta occasional table bis both calming and fascinating. It will be endlessly admired.

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Salon blanc avec tapis rose chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
  • Valérie and Xavier, could you introduce yourselves, please?

I am an aesthetic doctor and a devoted mother to four boys.


Xavier, a born entrepreneur and an artist at heart.

  • What is your background?

After many experiences abroad – in Geneva in particular, where I founded medical centre for the legs and figure,  “Le centre médical de la jolie jambe et de la silhouette”, within the Spa of the legendary hotel La Réserve – I wrote my first book: “Médecine de la beauté” – Choisissez votre âge” (Beauty medicine – Choose your age) published by Seuil. I recently co-founded Maison Epigenetic to develop my holistic approach to health – beauty – wellness through 4P medicine: precision, prevention, participation and personalisation.


After completing my hotel studies in Switzerland and working in some of the world’s most prestigious luxury hotels, I set up my first start-up: a reservation platform that matched the hotel to the customer’s profile. Finally, I discovered that my primary motivation was to help people enhance their health and to give them the keys to a personalised lifestyle. This is why I co-founded Maison Epigenetic.

  • Tell us about the concept behind your Care Centre 2.0.
Valérie & Xavier

Maison Epigenetic is a place where beauty, health and well-being are one and the same. We create a personalised lifestyle for everyone. We have a diagnostic part and a treatment part. They use state-of-the-art technologies to measure and act on ageing. We have created the most accurate and robust biological age assessment available. We use artificial intelligence to analyse the results. For the treatments, we use radiofrequency, LED, electromagnetic wave and other technologies.

Fauteuil blanc en laine bouclette et coussin rose chez
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The Socialite Family Brick Red Cavallo Armchair 790,00€

PRE-ORDER. Brick red Cavallo armchair in polished Black Beechwood and natural Cane.

Also available in YellowPink, Pistachio Grey Mouse, Green FirBanana Tree motif, Alexandrie motif, Shaman motif, Panther motif, and Pampa motif 

Meetings with our manufacturers often inspire us. This is a story of Italian craftsmanship and elegance. The culmination of several inspirations, with the same spirit as the Panchina day bed, the Cavallo Armchair has come to life. Classic yet contemporary, this chair can be set in an entrance hall, under a desk, or alongside an eclectic mix of chairs at the dining table. No matter where it’s placed, this chair holds an undeniable charm and elegance.

  • Dimensions : 61 x 62 x h82 cm.
  • Seat height : 49 cm.
  • Height of armrest : in the front : 69 cm, in the center : 73 cm.
  • Depth of the seat : 50 cm.
  • Material of chair : Black Beechwood and Natural Cane.
  • Material of seat : 100 % Cotton Velvet.
  • Colour of seat : Brick red.
  • Feet: Brass.
  • Made in Italy.

PRE-ORDER : Available in pre-order with a mid-May delivery. The carrier will contact you directly to arrange a delivery date and time. If you have any questions, please contact us on

 RETURN POLICY : You can return your order to us within 14 days of delivery for a full refund once the product has been returned to us. Simply contact us within 14 days of receiving your products at and we will assist you with your return.

PRO SERVICE: Are you an architect, decorator, interior designer? We can accompany you in your projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any quotes or customised orders.

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Maison Epigenetic is a place where beauty, health and well-being are one and the same. We create a personalised lifestyle for everyone.

Table basse et magazine chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
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  • Why did you choose the name Epigenetic?
Valérie & Xavier

Epigenetics is a science which says that we are responsible for 85% of the expression of our genes as a result of our lifestyle and environment. The exciting thing is that we are in the driver’s seat when it comes to our health, and we can optimise it by relying on the five pillars of epigenetics: Nutrition, Stress Management, Sport, Social Life and Optimism.

  • Who is your target audience?
Valérie & Xavier

Our offer is aimed at anyone who wants to stay healthy and optimise their performance. It is never too early or too late to take care of yourself.

  • Here you offer a holistic vision of well-being: from nutrition to sport to lifestyle. How did you surround yourself with people to carry out this A360 project around care?

We have a formidable team including a nutritionist, beauty practitioners, sports coaches, a hypnotherapist, an acupuncturist and, of course, Valérie. We also have a team of computer scientists and experts in data and bio-research.

  • …And to design the setting that welcomes your clients?
Valérie & Xavier

The guiding principle was to create a lifestyle and to make people feel at home. That’s why we were looking for a small private hotel. We did the decoration ourselves! We had help from Melanie, a Feng Shui master, for the choice of colours and the positioning of the furniture.

Suspension en métal chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
Comptoir et suspension chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
Canapé en laine bouclette blanc et table d'appoint chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris

The guiding principle was to create a lifestyle and to make people feel at home. That’s why we were looking for a small private hotel. We did the decoration ourselves!

Fauteuils et tapis bleu chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
Salon avec parquet et boiseries chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
  • You have several of our creations in your spaces. How well do they fit with the Epigenetic identity?
Valérie & Xavier

You can find The Socialite Family on every floor! Simply because we wanted to make a space that was chic, uncluttered and, above all, not ostentatious. What’s more, these creations fit perfectly with the requirements of Feng Shui and create a wonderful energy in the Maison.

  • What sort of atmosphere did you want to achieve here?
Valérie & Xavier

We want to offer our customers a relaxing atmosphere, a place where they feel good.

  • Is there a signature treatment you are particularly proud of?
Valérie & Xavier

We’re very proud of the Epigenetic Assessment because it’s completely unique! We are now making the most accurate biological age measurement in existence. Unlike your chronological age, which you cannot influence, biological age is reversible! It is scientifically proven that you can become younger through your lifestyle! And that’s fantastic!

  • How about good habits to adopt every day for good health throughout the year?
Valérie & Xavier

Listen to your body and emotions and choose the right actions for you!

Canapé bleu chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
epigenetic #8
epigenetic #7
Valérie Leduc et Xavier Rambaud chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris
epigenetic #10
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Extérieur chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris Extérieur chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris Extérieur chez Maison Epigenetic à Paris

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