Maison Gynécée, Where <br>Women Find Well-being

Maison Gynécée, Where
Women Find Well-being

“Taking care” is a genuinely meaninful expression at Maison Gynécée, a Parisian retreat secretly tucked away in the confines of a lush courtyard. Drawing on the cultural heritage of ancient Greece, this modern women’s centre offers a gentle and intimate welcome to patients of all ages seeking a sanctuary. A care and wellness centre where everyone feels at home. Who is behind this project ? Salomé Brial and Camille Boursier. Two former military nurses inspired by the woman and all the stages her body and mind have gone through during her life. Puberty, menopause, maternity and post-natal : subjects these two individuals have come to know well during their years in white uniforms – subjects to which they wish to apply their values. Kindness, respect and empathy. These are the key words that now define everyday life in this unique building, tucked away in the IXth arrondissement of Paris. A space that is the antithesis of the aseptic coldness of the hospitals where the founders have worked extensively. The monastic minimalism of the consulting rooms is replaced by the warmth of terracotta, the softness of woven rattan and the vitality of wood. Comforting materials – reflecting the care provided by Gynécée – are happily distributed in its various anterooms, complemented by decorative accessories that are all curves. Perfect finishing touches for this enveloping atmosphere, conducive to rest and relaxation. The programme includes lectures on maternity, wellness massage tailored to your needs, yoga classes and a range of consultations, from naturopathy to osteopathy. Activities provided in groups or individually by carefully selected professionals, tailored to respond as closely as possible to their patients’ needs. So many services ideal for pampering yourself, sharing with loved ones or experiencing alone in the Rue Blanche.

Maison Gynécée, 62 Rue Blanche – 75009 Paris. Reservations can be made by phone on +33 (0)984 415506 or by e-mail at Open Monday to Saturday, 08:00 to 20:00. Can’t make it to Paris ? Maison Gynécée also offers its activities online ! You can find the schedule of their workshops and courses via zoom on their website :

Salon terracotta et bois chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Verrière noire et fauteuil en bois dans le salon terracotta de Maison Gynécée
Étagère blanche et mur terracotta dans le salon de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Console en bois et lampe à poser beige chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Fauteuil en bois, natte en jute et console en bois dans le salon de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Cadre photo et sérigraphie dans le salon de Maison Gynécée à Paris

Camille, Salomé : can you introduce yourselves ?

Salomé & Camille

We’re Salomé and Camille, the co-founders of Gynécée. We’re both former military nurses with 5 years’ experience under our belts. Years of experience that we’ve brought with us. We worked in different wards from maternity to surgery as well as gynaecology and intensive care ! Our job is an incredible one and it’s allowed us to learn a lot about ourselves, how to work in a team, how to handle emergencies, develop empathy, kindness and to learn to listen – all qualities that are at the heart of what we do at Gynécée.

What was the approach you took when setting up Maison Gynécée ?

Salomé & Camille

The idea of Gynécée first cropped up in discussions we had during our shifts. We wanted to create a set-up adapted to women’s needs and to give our future patients the welcome, respect and personalised approach they deserve.

Who is it aimed at ? 

Salomé & Camille

Gynécée supports women throughout their life, from puberty to menopause and pregnancy to motherhood. Maison Gynécée has 40 women’s health experts from a range of disciplines be it our Pilates teachers or psychologists. The aim of Maison Gynécée is to provide a global approach in an welcoming setting, just like at home.

What’s on offer ?

Salomé & Camille

Gynécée is nestled in a pretty courtyard off rue Blanche in Paris. An intimate and welcoming place where you feel supported and listened to. You can settle down in the sitting room with a cup of tea or coffee and chat with the other women. At Gynécée, you can opt for personal consultations with one of our 17 professionals, enjoy a sports session, join a seminar or even attend workshops. Each activity is designed to meet a need: a yoga lesson for conceiving, a seminar on endometriosis, a workshop on baby sleeping habits etc. And if someone doesn’t live in Paris ? We’ve got good news, you can benefit from Gynécée’s services via our online platform !

Salomé et Camille, les créatrices de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Table basse, natte en jute et vase avec fleurs dans le salon de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Salle de soin terracotta avec table de massage chez Maison Gynécée à Paris

Right from the start we knew we wanted this type of ambiance at Gynécée. A place that's modern, elegant and welcoming.

Hall d'entrée avec banc en bois chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Coiffeuse en bois et peignoir chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Lampe à poser beige et statue chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Les fondatrices et le personnel de Maison Gynécée dans la salle de massage terracotta du centre à Paris

Why did you choose a Greek name ?

Salomé & Camille

In ancient Greece, the “gynecee” was the room in a house reserved for women. Since May 2020, Gynécée has blended femininity with modernity thanks to premises that is are truly unique in France. Gynécée is a place where dialogue, listening, advice and care is provided and is geared to accompany women throughout their lives – in particular during pregnancy, but that’s not all !

You seem to have taken a lot of care regarding the decoration of this centre, which is both private and dedicated to women’s well-being. Why is that ?

Salomé & Camille

Gynécée is an experience, not just about the care provided. We believe that the surroundings are really important. Why offer such expertise in a setting that’s cold and impersonal ? For us, it’s important women feel at home the moment they step through the door. Somewhere to escape to, where time slows down, and they feel just as protected and at ease as they would at home. We chose colours that reflect women’s skin with tones that are reassuring. Round mirrors, comfy sofa, mottled furniture, stone elements that hark back to ancient times, paintings by Louise Merlino: every item and element at Gynécée has been chosen with care to provide a gentle feel. A comforting universe where women can talk and where their privacy is respected. Originally the premesis featured big rooms that felt uninviting. We’ve turned it into a place with a soul that feels like a home from bygone years.

Do you have a favourite treatment or activity / or one that you are particularly proud of in your holistic centre ?

Salomé & Camille

Each professional was carefully selected. We’re proud to be able to work together with each of them, and as far as we’re concerned they’ve all got amazing personalities ! You can trust them without hesitation !

Gynécée is in Paris’s IXth arrondissement, why did you choose this area ?

Salomé & Camille

We visited nigh on 150 premises before we came across this beauty. A house in the middle of Paris…. Which is exactly what we wanted for our Gynécée project ! The added plus ? Its location : namely the IXth arrondissement. A central location that’s upbeat and homely !

During these stressful, uncertain times, can you give us some well-being advice to help us with our daily lives ?

Salomé & Camille

People are having to adjust to working from home, even if some are finding their new set-up has its pluses. But, nonetheless, a situation that can prove tricky for some couples and families Our advice ? Set aside private time and moments to enjoy each other’s company ! Set aside special moments during the week to make daily life easier. We think it’s important to stick to a routine so that you can separate your personal and professional life. Set aside some you-time, take some exercise to counteract a sedentary lifestyle, try to keep your chin up and don’t put off seeking any necessary treatments that we can provide to anyone who comes to Gynécée. Since opening, we’ve met loads of patients who haven’t thought about their well-being or who haven’t seen a practitioner for necessary care. One of our favourite Gynécée tips – keep a gratitude diary. Before you go to bed, write down 3 to 5 positive things that have happened during the day – a smile from a stranger, a particularly nice morning cuppa, some mood-lifting music you put on, the “I love you” from your partner etc. The plus about this diary ? It will help your brain to focus on the positives in life. After a while, try to jot down more than 5 positive things. Good mood guaranteed !

Signalétique rose à l'extérieur de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Photographies d'enfants et de mères sur le mur blanc de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Salle de sport terracotta chez Maison Gynécée à Paris
Salomé et Camille contre la verrière noire du salon de Maison Gynécée à Paris
Carte de visite Maison Gynécée sur table en bois dans le centre à Paris
Cadres photos et statue en bronze chez Maison Gynécée à Paris

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