Amagat, the Dining Cellar

Amagat, the Dining Cellar

“The idea was to bring Catalonia to the capital!” Head to 23, Villa Riberolle for a delicious gastronomic journey through Spain. Amagat – which means “hidden” in Catalan – is none other than the second restaurant belonging to entrepreneurs Gianpaolo Polverino and Lorenza Lenzi. Their successful first restaurant, Caché, is also on this small street. It’s all thanks to the founders of The Social Food – Shirley Garrier and Mathieu Zouhairi – that the two Italians discovered the young Catalan chef, Sylvain Roucayrol. A fortuitous and decisive encounter brought the three of them together to set off on a fantastic culinary adventure! After opening the first two restaurants, the trio is investing in yet another venture, a Parisian dining cellar where you can tuck into Iberian creations. A modern take on the Catalan tavern with a resolutely festive menu that honours seasonal Spanish produce. Potato croquettes stuffed with pork belly and sobrasada – the famous Barceloneta bomba – or even a melting tortilla made with dehydrated potatoes and carabineros for a menu packed with traditional Spanish flavours. Family roots, the covered market in Barcelona and the London restaurant La Barrafina, alongside memories of trips to Ibiza combine to feed the chef’s imagination. A sunny melting pot of cultures that highlights classic flavours found in convivial bodegas. Something to instantly delight the palate, at a table surrounded by friends, all in the intimate and hidden away setting of a 20th arrondissement courtyard! 

Amagat dining cellar, 23 Villa Riberolle 75020 Paris. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Reservation via the website or by phone on 06 09 31 61 62.

Extérieur restaurant Amagat à Paris
Tables et tabourets dna sel restaurant Amagat à Paris
Salle avec verrières et chaises en bois dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris

Sylvain, can you introduce yourself?


Oh, where to begin… I’m a 34 year-old chef from Perpignan.

What’s your background?


I always loved travelling and discovering new things. Once I qualified, I worked in London for quite a while, followed by Dubai. I finally settled in Paris.

How did you meet Lorenza and Gianpaolo, owners of Amagat as well as Caché where you are also the chef?


I met Lorenza and Gianpaolo two years ago via our mutual friends Shirley Garrier and Mathieu Zouhairi of The Social Food. I was working in London at the time and we decided to partner up for a project in the Marais district (Marra) which then led to me joining Caché and the opening of Amagat.

Speaking of Amagat, where did the northern Spanish bodega and tavern idea come from?


From a desire to open a restaurant with Spanish influences and provide a restaurant that differed from Caché. The idea was to bring a bit of Catalonia to the capital.

Chef Sylvain Rouquayrol dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Bouteilles de vin dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Étagères avec vaisselle et bouteilles dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Assiette dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris

So which places have greatly inspired you?


My Catalan origins mean I’m inspired by my roots! The covered market in Barcelona as well as the restaurant Barrafina in London.

Your menu features classic dishes as well as more inspired off-beat ones. What’s that all about?


The menu features famous classic Catalan dishes. We developed it by adding dishes inspired by our trip to Ibiza in early 2021, but they still reflect Spanish cuisine. Plus the menu changes with the seasons.

Which products do you particularly like working with?


I love preparing fish. We work with numerous suppliers to get the best possible produce.

Where does your produce come from?


Most of our suppliers are in Spain, but we do have direct suppliers.

Tables et chaises en bois dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Le chef Sylvain Roucayrol dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Tables et chaises en bois dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Tee-shirt contre fenêtre dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris

The must-try dish at Amagat is?


Two iconic dishes are La Bomba de Barceloneta, a potato croquette stuffed with pork belly and sobrassada, and our melt-in-the mouth Carabineros Spanish omelet made with dried potatoes.

Mediterranean influences aside, what else will we find in your dishes?


In addition to my south-western French influences, I love to put everything I have learned in my career to use. That’s why the seasoning used at Caché is inspired by Japan, making it perfect for fish dishes.

Where will we find you in the coming months?


You’ll find me at Caché or Amagat. We’re also working on a new project that we can’t wait to tell you about!

Conserves sur étagères dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Tabouret en bois dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Chaises de bistrot et tabouret en bois dans le restaurant Amagat à Paris
Extérieur en brique du restaurant Amagat à Paris

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