In glass or ceramic, our Marta table lamp is designed both to illuminate and to make your home feel warm and cheerful.


Marta, a thing of beauty

The interplay of shapes and materials to produce a vibrant light; that's the secret of the Marta table lamp. The Socialite Family design studio drew inspiration from the 1970s to create this elegant but retro lamp. Because what it brings to mind is a series of bracelets, pretty and sparkly. This kind of eye-catching jewellery reflects the light and tinkles in the ear. And Marta has the same effect. The ceramic version adds a touch of shine with its relief squares. Made of glass paste around a chrome cylinder, it splits the rays to diffuse a soft, sparkling light. Something to stimulate the senses, whatever your decorating style.

A Lamp for Everyday Life

Lighting is fundamental in any interior. Preferable to plain, direct lighting, a multiplicity of lamps placed in different locations can radically change the ambiance of a room. Le Corbusier was very clear on this point: "Our eyes are made to see shapes under light; shadows and light reveal shapes." And Marta is appealing as much for its geometric allure as for the precisely measured light it diffuses. Shades in pleated cotton for the ceramic base or in textured fabric for the glass base create a light that is as elegant as it is reassuring. Our table lamp can illuminate an entire living room, just a desk, like our Paolo, the corner table of a sofa, like our Opéra, or even fit snugly on one of our Mara shelves. Marta is ideal for illuminating entranceways, bedrooms, kitchens and so on. 

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A Hand-crafted Light Source

Marta is created using prestigious European craftsmanship. Portugal inspired the textured lampshade, while the base in glass paste and brushed steel, as well as in ceramicm are owed to Italy. For pleated cotton lampshades, nothing can better the careful, ancestral tradition of our French craftsmen. It's a guarantee of the quality for which The Socialite Family is renowned.

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Lampe à poser Marta en verre posée sur table basse paparazzi verte
Lampe à poser Marta en verre posée sur table basse paparazzi verte
Lampe à poser Marta en verre posée sur table basse paparazzi verte
Lampe Marta rideau palazzo
Lampe Marta abat jour terracotta
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