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White table lamps

The way light is distributed in your home is the key to achieving a warm, harmonious whole. By using multiple table lamps, you'll be able to create indirect lighting effects that will make all the difference. White table lamps are our focus for the day, and those from The Socialite Family are the perfect choice.

Why choose a white table lamp? 

The timeless elegance of white

Colour is not just a visual stimulus: it also has a strong emotional effect on us. As well as being synonymous with perfection, white is also strongly associated with simplicity and calmness. In the world of painting, it's the famous "brilliant white" that's most in demand. In architecture, white can be used to precisely shape and define spaces, making them feel spacious and immaculately pristine. This sensation of freedom, coupled with the bursting forth of the light, makes for a very powerful combination. To opt for a white table lamp is to choose sophistication and softness. 

Versatility and adaptability to all kinds of decor

One of the main advantages of white table lamps is their versatility. They go with every style, no matter whether it's elegantly refined decor or something more bohemian or industrial you prefer for your interior.  White acts as a neutral backdrop, allowing the other decorative elements to shine through whilst at the same time contributing a subtle touch of luminosity. The whites we use at The Socialite Family are not cold but instead have a hint of cream to soften the edges and make the light more vibrant.

Light distribution and ambiance

White is also excellent for diffusing light. A white table lamp emits a soft, warm light that creates a welcoming, soothing atmosphere. It's ideal for establishing relaxing areas in your home and highlighting particular ornaments, decorative elements or spaces. When light is refracted off the colour white, it increases in intensity to form a divine halo. 

Lampe Marta en céramique blanche abat-jour velours brique
Lampe à poser Mano
Lampe Marta velours moutarde

Our range of white table lamps

Marta table lamp 

The Marta table lamp stands out for its playful design. With its white shade made from fabric pleated by our skilled French craftsman, and its base encircled by myriad bracelet-style squares, it will illuminate your interior with character. In its white crackled ceramic version, it immediately evokes elegance and refinement. 

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Lampe Gioia blanche

Gioia table lamp

Joy is to be found not only in the name of the Gioia table lamp, but also in the light it radiates. Its lacquered wood base, with its flower-like appearance, looks very delicate in effect in its creamy white version. The light gently refracts off its slightly shiny surface. 

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Lampe à poser Duomo

Duomo table lamp

The Duomo table lamp is directly inspired by Milan-style elegance. Standing straight and proud with its black metal base, its rounded creamy-white shade immediately adds a counterbalancing touch of softness. 

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Lampe à poser Mano

Mano table lamp

Mano is an ode to the earth, to nature, to the mineral. Handmade from terracotta, it is the firing process carried out by our Portuguese craftsmen that gives it its raw, authentic look. In this material, white is immediately soothing, offering a light of uniquely organic quality. It draws its qualities from the slight roughness that gives Mano its charm. This table lamp is a sculpture in its own right, a work of art that immediately comes to life when it is switched on. 

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Lampe à poser Duomo

How to incorporate a white table lamp into your decor

The good news with white table lamps is that they will blend in easily with all styles of decor. They go well anywhere, from the living room and the bedroom to the kitchen or the entrance. Try mixing table lamps of different styles and heights to create a dynamic, balanced effect.

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