Leopard Edition: Discover the First Pattern
Created by The Socialite Family

The leopard has always been part of the childhood decor of Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family. Timeless, this animal pattern obeys neither time nor season. It is! Impertinent and hypnotic but also so multifaceted that it doesn’t show up in the same way twice and mixes wonderfully with all other materials and colours. It was therefore time, after having brilliantly traversed royal reception rooms through all eras with furnishing from the Empire to the 1970s, to make it our own! And this through the creation of The Socialite Family’s first pattern. A bold design with an ikat effect – a particular technique which resembles sketching and adds a touch of modernity to the pattern – designed entirely by our creative studio with the help of an illustrator, then woven into a cotton jacquard in an Italian factory in the Lombardy region. An incomparable quality which allows our animal print in three colourful shades to reveal its primitive power once applied to our brand’s creations. The Rotondo sofa, the Gioia table lampshade, the Bomboloni cushion: whether you use them as monumental pieces to make a statement or just sparingly as accessories to enhance the atmosphere, our leopard motif is a timeless favourite. A new classic aimed at enthusiasts and novices alike who are looking to indulge in wild and daring dissonance.

"Our leopard print with ikat effect was entirely designed by our design studio and an illustrator, then woven with cotton jacquard in an Italian factory in the Lombardy region."

Leopard cotton jacquard fireside chair

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