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      Parure de lit como vert d'eau

      Enhance your interior with our iconic pieces and latest textile creations at grand prices

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      From the bedroom to the living room and kitchen, our household linen comprises a wide range of curtains, throws, bed linen and table linen, designed to suit all your rooms! Creations resulting from the best of European textile know-how that playfully feature a choice of colours that will never age. An incomparable quality thanks to natural materials such as our cotton gauze, linen or even velvet which all ensure a decorative look without ever compromising on comfort.

      Exclusive Design

      Our pieces of furniture, lightings and accessories are all designed in Paris by our Design Studio. Timeless, elegant and functional pieces, designed to last.

      Keep-forever European Quality

      100% of our creations are crafted in top workshops across Italy, France, Portugal, and Central Europe, ensuring designs built to last.

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      You can pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer, in complete security and confidentiality.

      Worldwide Shipping

      We can ship in over 100 countries. All of our shipments are secure and managed by our carefully selected partners.