Green table lamp

      Green Table Lamp

      Lighting up one's interior can be akin to scenic art. Each point of light holds significance in creating an atmosphere and enhancing specific decorative elements or spaces. Add to this the power of colors, and you have a perfect recipe. Marta, Gioia, Piccola… Let's focus on our green table lamps for this occasion.

      Illuminate Your Space with a Green Table Lamp

      Table lamps are the secret to creating a warm atmosphere in your interior.

      Symbolism of the Color Green in Decoration

      The appreciation of colors varies across epochs and cultures. For a long time, green was feared because it was associated with poison or bad luck. However, beliefs have shifted, and this color now symbolizes hope, calm, and good fortune. It was the romantic era that turned the tide, making green the color of nature, health, and well-being. This hue is said to inspire creativity, concentration, and relaxation.

      Effects on Ambiance and Well-being

      Green is the result of mixing two primary colors, blue and yellow, representing a blend of a cold and a warm hue. Therefore, the color green can evoke various atmospheres depending on its shade. Hence, in decoration, the ambiance of a room depends on details, including the choice of the perfect shade of green for your walls or objects. There are many shades: pine green like our Bambina curtains, pistachio green like our Como sheet set, or almond green like the base of our Gioia lamp.

      Color Combinations and Styling Tips

      From the freshest to the earthiest green, numerous colors blend perfectly with it. At The Socialite Family, we favor material and color play over strict decoration rules. We believe that our powdery pink or mint cotton gauze sheets go as well with green as our leopard print or blue and burgundy striped fabric. Have fun experimenting

      Our Green Table Lamps

      At The Socialite Family, we love colors. It was only natural for us to offer some of our designs in green.

      Gioia Green Table Lamp

      Iconic, the Gioia lamp comes in many colors, including green. In both large and small sizes, its signature petal-like base is lacquered in almond green. This immediately adds softness to your interior. If you seek a deeper, bolder, more vibrant green, Gioia is also available in lacquered primary green.

      Marta Green Table Lamp

      Marta's jewel-like base also enjoys a change in appearance. Its ceramic, available in a soft green, contrasts perfectly with its pleated white fabric lampshade.

      Piccola Green Table Lamp

      Small and discreet, Piccola shines with its mouth-blown glass globe crafted by our Italian artisans. Its faceted base is adorned with a distinctly modern green that plays with the lamp's very 70s silhouette.

      How to Incorporate a Green Table Lamp into Your Decor?

      Whether you opt for a tone-on-tone decoration or variations in shades and materials, everything is possible, especially with a green table lamp. A Gioia lamp with an almond green base fits well in both a child's and an adult's bedroom. A green Marta lamp will bring refinement to your living room, delicately placed on an Opéra side table, for example. As for Piccola, it can accompany you on your Paolo desk or serve as a sculpture in your Mara bookcase.

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