Bright and cheerfully unorthodox, the tiger motif is a must-have for The Socialite Family. We selected gorgeous velvet for the material to allow it to boldly project its majesty and opulence into the heart of your interior. Here's why we adore it and how you can make it your own.


Enter the tiger

It's  common knowledge that we at The Socialite Family have a boundless passion for animal motifs. Rendered in the most beautiful fabrics, feline spots and stripes have the power to make any environment appealing. The tiger in particular has the ability to help your imagination run totally wild. Our projections: a heady salon with a charged and particularly vivid atmosphere, an Yves Saint Laurent era Loulou de La Falaise, an Alain Delon in Visconti's The Leopard. The tiger motif evokes the glamorous feel of the 1970s and early 1980s. A cinematic embellishment particularly close to our heart. For Constance Gennari, our founder and creative director, this atmosphere is also reminiscent of the designs of Marc Held, a pioneer of new forms that combine simplicity and fantasy. That is why she chose to use a very fine quality velvet to make this motif a gleam of light in its own right. "Our tiger velvet is incredibly shiny, she says. It gives the impression that it is moving and that it glows." Hyper-bright, it adds warmth and character to any room.


Nolyne Cerda

Taming the tiger is a daily endeavor.

Initially striking, the tiger motif is actually a real chameleon. It can be combined with all kinds of styles and moods. That's why our design studio has used it  on most of our models. "If I could, I'd put it everywhere. The tiger motif mixes very well and easily, continues Constance. Small touches or lots of it, anything is possible." It becomes soft on our cousin Bombolini, ultra-desirable on Classica seating and wildly iconic on Rotondo. All it wants is a chance to play.

Notre fauteuil Cavallo en tigre

Pouf Rotondo en tigre

Constance Gennari

Our tiger velvet is incredibly shiny. It gives the impression that it is moving.

Tiger velvet, precious expertise

We chose our tiger motif in a velvet jacquard up to couture standards. We owe its superb quality to our craftsmen, an Italian family specialising in this noble and versatile material. Because while we know this fabric will last a lifetime, we also know that it ages beautifully and exalts the present moment with its silky touch. A must-have. 

Constance Gennari

If I could, I'd put it everywhere. The tiger motif mixes very well and easily

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