Emma Cassi and Bertrand Bosredon, Antonin and Hope, 9 and 4 years old


Arriving at Emma’s, one is captivated by the atmosphere of her home. A feeling of calm and poetry emanate. You feel as though you are someplace else, in a place otherwhere, as if time had stopped. Emma is in her office. She is listening to French radio while embroidering a new necklace, a combination of tulle and coloured stones. Painstaking work, delicate and light like Emma’s personality. She loves junk and creating settings. She never tires of moving furniture, a trinket or a candle to begin a new story and create a magical, beguiling space. Visite

Gabriella Cortese with Nicolà 7 years old


Hidden in a popular area of Paris, the home of the creator Gabriella Cortese is full of amazing stories and objects from around the world. From northern Italy, Gabriella has all the charm and beauty of her country. What she prefers to do when she is not creating, is talk about the upcoming trips she will take with Nicola, her son! She is very attached to her house, which she wouldn’t leave for anything in the world and likes to decorate it with rare and ancient objects. It is a true cabinet of curiosities where passionately pursued antique treasures combine with noble materials.


Laure Vial du Chatenet et Bertrand, Marie 16, Blanche 10 and César 4 years old


Going to see Laure, I fell under the spell of her house in the heart of Paris. Past the front door, you immediately understand that she is not a novice. Everything has been carefully thought out from floor to ceiling, right through to the door handles and light switches. Details matter and we find the spirit of the Maison Caumont, which Laure created a few years ago, giving the whole an underlying unity. An inspiring wander where we learn that Laure is passionate about the work of the Italian, Piero Fornasetti.Visite

Elsa Lepeu and Junior


Elsa and Junior live in an apartment typical of Paris’ 1er arrondissement. They’re not worried about filling the space in their incredibly high-ceilinged living room, they’re taking their time and waiting to come across the right piece. Their decorating reflects their personalities: a vinyl collection for Junior, objects picked-up while travelling for Elsa, who made a career out of it with Zoobeetle. In the end, everyone is satisfied and everything is pretty harmonious.Visite

Marianne Guedin, Romeo 13 and Anna Bella 10 years old


Marianne Guedin is a designer. She studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and is one of the hottest artists right now. She creates surprising and poetic objects and signed the latest creation for the Designerbox, a breathtaking work on glass. In her home, the decorating is theatrical. Paulette the chicken runs along the corridor, objects move and colours explode!Visite

Sophie Demenge and Michaël Ryna, Mae and Marius 12 and 9 years old

Non classé

Brooklyn is so trendy! It holds its own against NYC with its cool hipsters, organic food markets and fashionable hotel bars. Sophie moved there years ago and saw the change come into place. Once you’ve passed the threshold of her house, you’re plunged into a typical New York family atmosphere. Sophie is incredibly serene, even though she’s the Head of a very well-known design company that started ten years ago; despite her busy schedule, she makes time for what’s important: being a mother, a friend and a host. I for my part really admire her work on children’s furniture. OeufNyc is the perfect combination of savoir-faire, design, functionality and sustainability; it’s just what the children’s world was waiting for. So Happy Birthday Oeuf!!Visite

Isabelle Juy and Mathieu Lott, Arsène 4 years old


On entering Isabelle’s home, you’re immediately struck by the colours. She’s an interior decorator and has thought through her décor down to the smallest detail, playing with tones, textures and lines. From her crockery to her velvet chairs, it all comes together. Her interior is bathed with light and tells us a story where softness and great taste rhyme with passion and aesthetics. Visite