New Versions of the Cavallo Armchair

New Versions of the Cavallo Armchair

You know the Cavallo armchair in natural cane and black lacquered beech? Then you will be delighted to discover that your favourite chair is now available in two additional finishes: natural ash and cherry ash. One model, three different frame colours. From the lightest to the darkest, to suit all tastes and all interiors Now, more than ever, the Cavallo collection – made by our craftsmen in the province of Friuli known in Italy as the “Chair triangle” – is working hard to meet your needs. Your need for value for money, embodied in the first black lacquered beech version of our Cavallo armchair, the one you know so well. Elegant and radical at the same time, its assertive line brings out the best in your interior.Your need for freshness, and, with summer on the way, for a Mediterranean-style “summer living room” feel with the Cavallo in natural ash. And, finally, the compromise offered by the cherry ash version of our iconic product. Red highlights blended with golden brown. The perfect balance of tones, bright and lively, to enhance the potential of your living or dining room. Which one do you like best?

Cavallo armchair, from €490. Available now on our e-shop

Salon à manger Constance 3 – Cavallo Clair
Salon à manger Constance 2 – Cavallo Clair

Now, more than ever, the Cavallo collection is adapting itself to suit your requirements. Your need for value for money, for freshness and, finally, for compromise.

New Versions of the Cavallo Armchair
Salon Constance 2 – Cavallo Marron
Salon à manger Marianne – Cavallo Marron

Are you inspired by the natural cane of our Cavallo chairs? You can find the Panchina bench and the Cavallo sofa, two other iconic creations of The Socialite Family brand, in our articles dedicated to this traditional craft of woven rattan. “There’s Nothing Like Cane Furniture” and “Timeless Caning” are two reports on The Socialite Family where you can find the inspiration and the furniture you need.

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Cannage, our Three Must-have Creations

Cannage, our Three Must-have Creations

Since the beginning of The Socialite Family collection, it has been the highlight of your interiors: the

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