An Stainless Steel Kitchen

An Stainless Steel Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. A room where we tend to spend more and more time. Its layout is essential! For the materials, nothing is better than stainless steel. First, it has a strong visual identity, and then, its hygienic characteristics are well-known in the professional world, where chefs only want this type of surface. Stainless steel doesn’twear out and is resistant. On the contrary, its brilliance will develop bit by bit with your family history. Anyone who wants to will be able to become a chef. Creating menus for our guests and spending time in this environment is a pleasure. Stainless steel is easy to clean and matches any colour or material. Trays, utensil rack: personalise your kitchen will be easy as ABC. Stainless steel is perfect for made-to-measure elements. To minimise its contemporary side, don’t be afraid of using “warming” wood elements, as Chloé Machintosh does it with her kitchen storage units. Maybe only by touches. Play with accessories. Display your utensils,isolate your cutting machine, collect the beautiful Italian coffee machines. They’ll all be enhanced. In case you don’t like the big decoration businesses and prefer the authenticity of a second-hand piece of furniture, just like the ones in Massimo Vitali‘s home, rush to websites of experts which resell restaurant kitchens. This way, you will be able to buy for a reasonable price and make your kitchen original with a mixer tap or a butcher’s block. The effect is amazing.

Cuisine Chaises Eames DSW Marcel Breuer Cesca Meuble USM Appartement Stéphanie Lizée
trancheuse électrique cuisine michele pasini
An Stainless Steel Kitchen
Cuisine Inox Appartement Cristina Celestino Milan
Cuisine Inox Ikea Appartement Haussmannien ParisMarianne Fersing
cuisine michele pasini
Caffetière Bialetti Cuisine Inox Appartement Cristina Celestino Milan

 Photography: Constance Gennari – Text:  Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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Precisely, the kitchen is the place where everybody should go at least once a day. That’s why the kitchen must be net and clean to maintain hygenic. And stainless steel furniture is the most beautiful element of the kitchen. On the other hand, to keep our kitchen environment fresh and free from toxic air, the smell, we can use a range hood.

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