Fringes, a Stylish Finishing Touch

Fringes, a Stylish Finishing Touch

On mirrors, lamps and also seating and household linen, they were the real stars of the Maison & Objets 2018 vintage: fringes. A finish that is very often associated with the rococo style of Louis XV. Sometimes with strong connotations and frequently overlooked, it is when they come into contact with luxurious materials (marble, brass or velvet primarily) and deep colours that designers are once again looking to make them a feature. Taking the worthy heritage of Hans Agne Jakobsson – who created a stir in the sixties with his glare-free Art Deco-style lighting fixtures – it’s a question of focusing on a statement piece. One that will bring a classic ambiance to life. Because fringes need to surprise. Adding just the right dose of eccentricity to a rug, the vintage vibe required for a pouffe – and let’s go crazy – to a coffee table like the iconic Tripolino design by Cristina Celestino. An undeniably chic touch, that as part of a total boudoir look – such as you’ll find at Maison Souquet – can also have its own charm when combined with elegance. Exoticism even. In their braided incarnations, fringes have been preparing their place in the limelight for some time now. You only have to look at woven wall hangings and their woolly imitators that, combined with driftwood, feature as modern dream-catchers. Lastly, you can’t talk about fringes without mentioning the beautiful white household linens – both bedding and bathroom pieces – that characterise Relais & Châteaux establishments. You can learn from these grand hotels and reproduce the effect easily in your own home.

Lampe 597 Gianfranco Frattini Chaise Arne Jacobsen Coulisses vente NOW Sotheby's Hôtel Particulier Paris
The fringes a chic finish, table
Cristina Celestino Tripolino Table Sur demande

Tripolino table with pink fringes. Available in several colors.

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Lampe Imprimé Maison Souquet Hôtel Paris Montmartre
Salon The Visit Studiopepe Arianna Lelli Mami et Chiara Di Pinto
Luminaire Vintage Nicolas Lefebvre Artiste Appartement Paris
Fauteuil crapaud Hôtel Restaurant The Hoxton Paris
Fringes, a chic finish, yellow armchair

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