How to Choose the Right Curtains?

How to Choose the Right Curtains?

Having disappeared from our homes, curtains are back in force and are a great way of finishing off a room, at the same time playing with the light. Opaque, to completely screen off a bedroom, or as some prefer in a lighter fabric to play on the sunlight filtering into the room. So to choose the curtains most suitable for you, you need to concentrate on three criteria: the fabric, the colour and the weight. Three factors that our design studio has taken into account when creating the two curtains of our collection. The first, made from corduroy velvet, is called Palazzo. A design that brings a comfortable warmth to your room by wrapping it in The Socialite Family’s own colour palette. Because colour is vital to set the scene for your room’s personality! For some, the interior design starts with the choice of curtains and their colour, whilst for others it’s at the end that they are added, to ‘finish off’ the decoration. In the case of our Palazzo, its prune, brick or navy versions will bring a warm touch to your windows and walls, or for even more brightness why not dress them in its rose-pink, light blue or mustard shades. If on the other hand you believe that nothing beats white, then our Portofino, in white linen enhanced by black stripes, is for you! With its natural finish, it is lightweight and soft to the touch, and will bring you that holiday feel all year round. And for total elegance from floor to rail, choose carefully how you fit your curtains. Ours come complete with gathering tape with hidden loops, enabling you to hang your curtains easily and simply and ensuring a perfect drape. For a ready-to-hang curtain!

Find our full range of curtains on The Socialite Family e-shop, in our boutique at 12 rue Saint-Fiacre (Paris – 2nd arrondissement). Tuesday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. And in our corner on the 4th floor of Le BHV MARAIS, 52 rue de Rivoli (Paris – 1st arrondissement). Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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How to Choose the Right Curtains?
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For some, the interior design starts with the choice of curtains and their colour, whilst for others it's at the end that they are added, to 'finish off' the decoration.

How to Choose the Right Curtains?
How to Choose the Right Curtains?
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The Socialite Family Portofino Curtain, Natural and Black Striped 165,00€
  • – Fabric Composition : 100% linen.
  • – Colour : natural with printed stripes.
  • – Fixation : Easy to install on your existing rods thanks to a hanging system of a bar with hidden loops integrated into the curtain.
  • – Finition : Hemmed bottom, ready to install. Thermobonding strip furnished with the curtains, to adjust the length.
  • – Caracteristics : sold by one.
  • – Fabrication : France.

Add a breath of fresh air to your interior decoration with our Portofino linen curtain, with its smart black stripes.

The Socialite Family, the label for home decoration

After our years of experience as a media trendsetter, our passion for interiors and the way people live in them has become so strong that we have decided to build upon it by designing our own household linens, including our range of curtains.

Putting our expertise as a key player in decoration and the art of living to work in designing for you is an ongoing challenge. It means we have to keep our eyes open, to be curious about everything. Every line, every material, every finishing touch we add to our models is designed to be right for our times and to look good in your home!

Linen, a natural and decorative material

Linen has continued to appeal to us ever since it became part of our decoration range on ourArezzo rectangular cushions. This natural material is perfect for use in our homes all year round! Here, our linen is decorated with a fine black stripe. Stylishly elegant, it evokes both the countryside and the seaside but is also suited to a more urban style, providing diffuse, subdued light.

Functional and attractive curtains

The Socialite Family brand aims to create a range of curtains that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With our Portofino and Palazzo models, made in northern France, you may dress a window or a complete section of a wall.

We wanted elegance from the curtain rod to the floor. Our hanging system, with its hidden loop hanging tape, allows you to place your curtain easily and enjoy a perfectly pleated fall. For a curtain that is ready to hang!

Our Portofino curtain, at 145 x 300 cm and made from linen with a fine black stripe, adds a fresh, light touch to your room.

One curtain, a thousand possibilities

With our Portofino model, don’t be afraid to experiment with your curtains! In your living room, your bedroom or your hallaccessorise your walls, and, above all, play with the light!

Same size, same hanging system but a different look: if you like our Portofino curtains, discover our Palazzo ribbed velvet corduroy curtains! It’s up to you to choose whether to combine them or use them separately.

Bring colour and design to your home with The Socialite Family. Whether it’s on the floor with our Velluto rugs, or on the walls with our range of Portofino or Palazzo curtains.

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