Accessorising your Bathroom

Accessorising your Bathroom

The best time to undoubtedly when we return from our summer holiday. Children’s bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom – we want a new look that will include the many objects brought back from our summer getaways. For The Socialite Family everything starts in the bathroom. Accessorising your bathroom It’s a tempting idea isn’t it? Whether it’s a piece of vintage furniture picked up in a second-hand shop in Isle-sur-la-Sorge, a seashell from your favourite beach or a colour spotted in one of our (many) magazines, there’s only one rule: have fun. Accessorising your bathroom is all about pleasing the eye and bringing back lovely memories. Those of our feet standing on a berber rug, afternoons playing cards on a bench or something old found in the attic of our parents’ house. We’ll find new uses for them. Soap dishes, a place for towels or somewhere to store accessories when we’re talking about smaller pieces. An old display case, a wooden armchair and why not a dressing table to show off our loveliest beauty products? The charm is in the detail, in the story that’s told. The bathroom is our antechamber. So we have to make it shine when we’re accessorising it. To bring a mixture of things, with old taps, an oval mirror or some beautiful linen. A little something here, a little something there…then stand back and admire. It’s ready!

Accessorising your Bathroom
Salle de bain noire Accessoires coquillages et parfums Émilie Luc Duc Paris
Accessorising your Bathroom
Salle de bain Evier marbre et miroir ovale cuir David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard Paris
Salle de bain Parfum diptyque Mise en scène accessoires Appartement Paris David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Salle de bain bleue Accessoires Baignoire à pied Vitrine vintage Bois de cerf Guillaume et Aline Dourdan
Salle de bain Accessoires rideaux motifs Chaise tressée Miroir rotin Aroussia Chamak et Henrik Jensen
Salle de Bain Déco Coloré Imprimé Appartement Aroussia Chamak et Henrik Jessen
Salle de Bain Maison Reims Créateur de La Maison Jaune Julien Régnier
Salle de Bain Maison Reims Créateurs de La Maison Jaune Julien et Élodie Régnier
Miroir Salle de Bain Maison Reims Créateurs de La Maison Jaune Julien et Élodie Régnier
Accessorising your Bathroom
Salle de bain The Visit Mur bleu et rouge Miroir Studiopepe Arianna Lelli Mami et Chiara Di Pinto
Salle de bain Baignoire Peinture Terracotta Canard en plastique jaune Banc Ikea SINNERLIG Liège Appartement Stéphanie Lizée

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