The Dressing Room, a Stylish Place Only for You

The Dressing Room, a Stylish Place Only for You

The Fashion Week everyday? It’s possible! Whether it be secret, minimalist or imposing, the dressing room becomes common. It’s the room of all our fantasies and we dream of one that would be full of fabrics, colours and textures. A daily break with an improvised scenario. Shelves and baskets can become perfect alternatives. Just like in the Italian designer Tommaso Fantoni‘s apartment, we dare to show our monomania. A bookcase could suddenly become a wardrobe while simple boxes will turn into perfect clothing racks. All combinations are possible. Let’s keep our most beautiful hatboxes, show our favourite pair of stilettos and even use our suitcase as a decorative element. The goal is to give rhythm to the whole and to surprise. You’d like to push refinement even further? Create a room for it. Laura Gauthier has been doing it perfectly. In her dressing room, the floor and walls are covered with coloured patterns. A comfy and original space that only belongs to her. We would love to be locked into it, the feet in the piles of the carpeting while sitting on the central sofa. Feeling good in your dressing room is essential. Play with colours to create a unique atmosphere: dark ones to create a cocoon and neutral ones to get your bearings. Yes, the dressing room is made to be the stuff of dreams, but we should not forget it must be functional. Marianne Fersing, who works in fashion business, knows it. This perfectionist woman organised both books and clothes by colour. A harmony possible thanks to the magic of the made-to-measure. Let’s not forget that, in this case, it is our best ally.
Dressing Pièce dédiée Moquette Papier Peint Appartement Paris Laura Gauthier
Dressing Moquette Assise Papier peint Appartement Laura Gauthier Paris
Dressing Valise Louis Vuitton Personnalisée Appartement Paris Marianne Fersing
Dressing Chambre Tracy Francelet et Jean-Philippe Bouchard Appartement Paris
Dressing Robes Appartement Paris Marianne Fersing
Dressing Armoire Chaussures Appartement Paris Marianne Fersing
Dressing Anatole Maggiar Appartement Paris
Dressing Appartement Anatole Maggiar Paris
The Dressing Room, a Stylish Place Only for You
The Dressing Room, a Stylish Place Only for You
The Dressing Room, a Stylish Place Only for You

 Photography : Constance Gennari – Text:  Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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