Corner Sofa, our Choice

Corner Sofa, our Choice

At one time they were everywhere. Then they gradually disappeared from our homes for our biggest regret. As it is really difficult to find the right one, it is even more difficult to make a selection! The corner sofa is THE stand-out piece in the living room. We love the practicality of it and its ability to defy its own name. Because “corner” doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be glued against the wall. Quite the contrary. On its own, isolated in the middle of any room, it has the power to amaze and reach its full potential. And that’s the way we like it here, at The Socialite Family. Like a – comfortable – remake of the Raft of the Medusa, we cling to it and never tire of sitting on it for time with friends and family. It brings us together. It becomes a witness to our lives. Sometimes it even evolves via different arrangements, like the Togo, with a form that you can change as you please. When it comes to materials, they have the same versatility: the corner sofa truly is the chameleon of the furniture world and can adapt to any situation. We have to confess to a slight preference for the velvet version. It is soft and welcoming and the perfect synthesis of the irresistible attraction of this often over-looked piece.

Here is the selection of The Socialite Family.

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