The Art of Accumulation

The Art of Accumulation

Whether at the hands of designer Veronica Fanfani or the theatrical helm of young patron Anatole Maggiar, accumulation reigns absolutely supreme. It is a style of interior embellishment adopted from inveterate collectors who, without hesitation, surround themselves with favourable objects and belongings. We like that the art of accumulation provides renewed life to pieces that would have been surely forgotten or put away without the intervention of these modern times goldiggers. Multiple possibilities stem from simple obsession, as in the case of the two art dealer Odin and Archibald, from inspirational paintings to a myriad of photography held dear by its owners. Accumulation combined cleverly with coloured walls or velvet drapes provide a jewel-like adornment into our homes. This trend is going big these days and even invades the world of suspension lights that flourish in bouquets from our ceilings. All theses ideas whirling into our mind, making our collector soul reappear, leading to the irresistible desire to take part in this exciting superimposition game that used to be reserved to an elite of jet-setters from the seventies.

Assiette Vaisselle collection Art de la table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Veronica Fanfani
Décoration Murale Chambre Paris Appartement Alix Thomsen
Accumulation de vases en tout genre chez Alix Thompsen
Accumulation de miroirs sur les murs bleus de Veronica Fanfani
Accumulation d'oeuvres d'arts en tout genre sur le mur noir d'Aurélie Lecuyer
Un service à thé vintage côtoie une desserte en bois chez Clarisse Prudent
Une succession de gourde en bois sur les étagères d'Alix Thomsen
Exposition en libre accès chez Anatole Maggiar
Livres et bibelots à tendance chouettes chez Annabelle Jouot
Un intérieur broc coloré et pop chez Mathilde Dupeux

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