Pierre-Emmanuel Risch and Carole Marchal, <br> Pia 2 years old
Family - Paris

Amongst Art Deco and Bold Works of Graphic Art.



Pierre-Emmanuel Risch and Carole Marchal,
Pia 2 years old

Comfortably in his Eileen Gray armchair, Pierre-Emmanuel Risch could have been an antique or an art dealer. This self-taught art lover is the artistic director of his interior design agency and he also runs the Galerie MCDE, which reproduces the works of the famous interior designer Pierre Chareau. His Art Deco alabaster fly wall lamp and wood and metal desks are now very popular in contemporary homes. While every interior designer is ordering a lot of pieces made by the Master. It must be said: Art Deco may be about to become the current trend.
Lampe Religieuse Pierre Chareau Art Déco Chambre Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Bureau Chaise Tulipe Knoll Saarinen Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Entrée Console bois Art Photographie Dessin Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Cuisine semi-fermée Verrière Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Salon Canapé gris Coussin graphique Photo Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal

At home, where do you like to spend the most time ?


The terrace when the weather permits and the living room, which opens onto the terrace.


Also the living room, which is really a room to live in as it opens onto the terrace. It becomes at once the reception room but also our daughter’s playroom.

How did the decor come about?


We thought as two, trying to mix our respective desires. The result is an eclectic apartment that suits us fine. We love coming home.


We wanted a neutral envelope that could receive furniture, pictures, paintings and objects. The idea of mixing pleases us in decoration.

What style inspires you the most?


No particular style but rather a mix of several styles. The old, art deco, contemporary. There is nothing worse than 100% of one style…


There is no particular style that inspires us more than another. There are some interesting things in all styles. I could cite Art Déco, if there were to be only “one.”

Your favorite designer?


Pierre Chareau, who was an avant-gardist. All of his works could have been drawn today: a visionary, a genius! Not to mention Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier for their modernism.


Michael Anastassiades for lights, Warren PlatnerHarry Bertoia and obviously Chareau.

Your current favourite?


“A hunting accident” by Pascal Bernier. I dream of a tiger!


The “Polar Bear” sofa by Royère, I dream of it for my next apartment…

What was your education with respect to the home and respect for place?


My father is a promoter and my husband an interior designer so I was always in a good school.


The home is a place to meet. All generations rub shoulders together. It must be beautiful and enjoyable for those who live there and for those who stop by. It is the same for the workplace. We spend more than half of our time there. It must feel good. I have always tried to create warm places.

Portrait Carole Marchal Salon Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal Paris
Fauteuil Design Noir Warren Platner Knoll Chaises Side Harry Bertoia Salle à manger Pierre Emmanuel Risch et Carole
Cuisine Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal Sac Céline
Fauteuil noir Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Vide poches Coloré Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal

What is the inexpensive piece of which you are the most proud?


My blue turquoise pebble shaped storage tray bought at India Madhavi.


A Fornasetti ashtray created for the launch of the Fiat Torino bought on eBay…but I love quirky.

What is your craziest dream?


A Mondrian. It is not for nothing that he inspired the most talented fashion designers.


A Picasso, a Klein monochrome, a Cesar wall expansion, a Ferrari 246 GT.

Is it easy to reconcile family life and beautiful decor?


Of course! On the contrary, the decoration has to live, move, show the patina of time. My daughter has just been doodling with felt pen on our couch. We like to think she is developing her artistic talent !


No problem. I begin with the principle that furniture and objects must live. We changed nothing when Pia was born. They simply grow old a little faster…

How did you choose the name of your daughter Pia?


We wanted a short name, soft and unobtrusive. Pia seemed an obvious choice.


We wanted a short name and we loved it. My wife has Italian origins.

Is there a restaurant you would recommend to us?


Ferdi, in Paris, for his burger. Affable, for her low temperature egg and Rebellato for their vongole pasta!


Café Trama next to my agency and the Bistrot de Paris.

Salon Appartement Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal Paris
Chambre Appartement Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Photographie Art Appartement Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Chaise RAR Eames Chambre Pia Appartement Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Lit en bois Pia Chambre enfant Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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