Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey
Famille - Paris

A masculine gem in the 10th arrondissement.



Mathias Déon
and Geoffrey

Mathias Déon and Geoffrey are two great romantics with exciting lives. Splitting his time between Paris and London, Mathias is in charge of development in France for renowned stylist Margaret Howell. Geoffrey works as a creative in an advertising agency. At home they love listening to the growing noise of their busy neighborhood throughout the day. With complementary tastes, they have created a world in their image with the help of their friend, the architect Julien Bateau. Mathias loves family furniture matched with designer pieces, while Geoffrey is a fan of vintage and bargain hunting. The result is astonishing!

Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Table Basse Verre Livre Magazine Mathias Déon Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey

Mathias, what was your education with regard to interior design? Is it a family history?


My grandparents and great-grandparents on my dad’s side were jewelers in Nancy in the middle of the Art Nouveau period. They rubbed shoulders with a lot of artists of the time, and adored beautiful things. My father went in a completely different direction (industrial), but always kept this heritage. I was raised surrounded by beautiful furniture and pretty trinkets, and I’ve kept this culture with me. I love old furniture and hunting through flea markets, second-hand stores and jumble sales. When Geoffrey moved in, he gave the place a real touch of vintage. The result is a mix of traditional pieces (from my family), vintage décor and accessories, and more recent pieces we’ve bought together.

What works, objects and furniture do you prefer in your apartment?


I really like the porcelain Ghetto Blaster by Sam Baron. His artistic vision was to freeze several lost objects (video cassettes, rotary dial telephones, ghetto blasters etc.) in the eternity of porcelain. I’m also very fond of the Friso Kramer chairs I found on Ebay.

What is the piece of your wildest dreams?


A set of shelves by Charlotte Perriand.

Where do you feel happiest?


In the kitchen, without a second thought! I love cooking while listening to music. I’m on a gluten-free diet, and I love experimenting with different meals. I could spend hours doing it!

What’s missing from your apartment?


A terrace covered in plants where we could have drinks or eat breakfast in the sun. By the way, I don’t know if you’re allowed to say this, but in May we’re moving to a new flat with a big balcony!

Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey
Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey
Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey
Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey

What decor advice can you give us?


Flowers! Whatever the season! They breathe life into everything. We regularly buy flowers and put them in several vases in different places in the apartment – even in the bathroom.

What tasteless mistake should we never make?


Having a flat designed by an architect, but lived in by people who have no taste, and who leave it without a shred of their own personality!

Which cheap piece are you the most proud of?


The chandelier in the kitchen. An old friend, César, bought it with me at the Réderie in Amiens, a huge jumble sale stretching across the whole city. When he moved flats, it didn’t suit his new place, so he gave it to me!

Which restaurant in Paris or elsewhere would you recommend?


For Mathias, it’s the Waly Fay, an amazing African restaurant at 6, Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, Paris. The marinated chicken is to die for! For Geoffrey, it’s the Sunken Chip, at 39 Rue des Vinaigriers in Paris. They serve real Fish & Chips, with the rare accompaniment of mint mushy peas!

What are two must-see décor addresses online or in Paris?


The Atelier 154 in the 11th arrondissement. They have a great selection of vintage chairs. For kitchen accessories you have to check out the Trésorerie, which just opened round the corner! Margaret Howell!!! For presents (china, kitchen, etc.) but also for your next apartment!

What are your plans for the future?


We’re really excited about moving into the new place in the spring, because there’s so much work to do in the apartment! We spend our weekends thinking about the walls we want to move, the kitchen we want to create, the colours, the layout of the furniture… And of course there’s the opening of the Margaret Howell boutique, on Rue Debelleyme in Paris. It’s such an exciting project.


Magaret Howell‘s second boutique will open this week at 37 Rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arrondissement, designed by architect William Russel from Pentagram.


Photo Credits : Constance

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Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey
Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey Mathias Déon<br/>and Geoffrey

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