Margherita Ratti and Michelangelo
Family - Paris

The Radiant Mix of Italian Charm and the Spirit of a Parisian Apartment



Margherita Ratti and Michelangelo

Margherita was brought up by parents who were both patrons and gallery owners. She was the one, out of her four brothers and sisters, who took over the family business after the death of her father, the patriarch of the family. It was her father who gave her her taste and infallible eye for art. Being from the north of Italy, Margherita spent her entire childhood immersed in an artistic milieu. Her daily life revolves around art and the intellectual work of the artist. That’s why she ended up opening her own gallery in Paris. Located in the Marais quarter, in rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, she’s not afraid to rub shoulders with more long-standing galleries. Her stunning and eclectic offering is worth the journey. Just like her father, Margherita loves spotting that rare creature who will be the artist of tomorrow. Her Parisian apartment is an ode to contemporary design. The furniture lives and the artworks orchestrate the story that Margherita wants to tell us through her finds.

Entrée salon Margherita Ratti
détail cadre Margherita Ratti
Détail livres d'art Margherita Ratti
photo noir et blanc collées sur porte Margherita Ratti
Fauteuil en cuir Margherita Ratti écriteau ne pas déranger poignée de porte Margherita Ratti produits de beauté aésop liérac tablette de cheminée Margherita Ratti Livres d'art Margherita Ratti décoration photographie porte Margherita Ratti Fils Margherita Ratti salon canapé

Margherita, could you introduce yourself?


I am Italian and I’ve lived in Paris for 17 years. I arrived for my studies then never ended up leaving. I grew up in Como in a rather creative environment. I have a degree in architecture from Milan Polytechnic and a Masters in History of Contemporary Art from Paris-Sorbonne University. For over ten years, I worked between art, design and architecture. I worked as the Director of Galerie Italiene from 2005 till 2008, specializing in the production of limited edition design. After this, I created the centre of communication at LAN Architecture and was in charge of developing cross-media projects of agency 27 Project. From 2010 to 2013 I led the curatorial project of Gallery Momo with Romaric Tisserand. I’m now in charge of public relations and development in France of German engineers Bollinger + Grohmann , I refreshed the gallery with all the strength I have, which is my real plan for the future!


Since when have you lived here?


My son and I have lived in this apartment for 6 years, we’ve always been in this neighbourhood and before we were just a street away. We are surrounded by people we know and we have some very dear friends in the close by.

Did you design the decor of your apartment?


The apartment was been built by the previous owners, an English couple and when we arrived everything was really to my liking. I changed nothing. I liked all that they did. Then I just opened my boxes and took time to give each object the right place in the house. But I am used to move the furniture and objects around quite often. I like to get surprised by new association of objects and to always have a new look on things.

The apartment is also your office, where do you spend the most time ?



The kitchen is probably the most dynamic place we have. It is a wonderful, welcoming space where you can eat, talk until late at night, work, have someone over for an appointment; it overlooks the courtyard and so you are able to enjoy the quiet. It’s an intimate place also, where secrets are revealed! Alban Le Henry designed a custom-made table with integrated lamp for the kitchen. It’s the room where everything happens.

Table Gio Ponti et chaise salon Margherita Ratti
Margherita Ratti à son bureau dans sa chambre
Tapis descente de lit chambre Margherita Ratti
Suspension mobile métal Margherita Ratti banc en bois rangement livres d'art Margherita Ratti cadres alignés en le long du mur Margherita Ratti Tableau Chaise de chevet oeuvre d'art chambre Margherita Ratti lampe portative poignée de porte Margherita Ratti Porte avec photos en noir et blanc Margherita Ratti
vue d'ensemble chambre Margherita Ratti
étagère à livres en coin Margherita Ratti

What are your inspirations? Do you have any icons within art and design?


he list is never-ending! I adore being surprised art, design and architecture. Every day can be a discovery. It was always been this way with me. I dedicate a lot of time to this, it’s my way of life.


How do you reconcile having a nice decor and family life?


I live with Michelangelo, my son and we spend quality time here at home. I’m naturally quite uninhibited in relation to the use of spaces, objects and furniture. I tend to lessen my thoughts when he chooses to play basketball in the apartment!

What does your son Michelangelo think of all this furniture and the artists you represent?




Michelangelo particularly likes a mirror produced by the gallery and designed by Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo. It is a rare object for him and thanks to the film that covers the mirror and creates a particular effect when you look at it. The reflection is clear only when you face the mirror. The gallery occupies much of my time and therefore Michelangelo had to get used to it. He usually comes by the gallery, he participates in the setting up and dismantling of the exhibitions and the vernissages, so he happens to be spending quite some time with my artists !




Can you give us 2-3 good places online for decor?

poele à bois ancien repeint et livres Margherita Ratti
meuble cuisine en bois et évier Margherita Ratti
Table de cuisine sur mesure en bois Margherita Ratti
bols et assiettes creuses bor de la cheminée Margherita Ratti Vue cuisine Margherita Ratti plantes en pot cuisine Margherita Ratti Chaine hifi orange yamaha Margherita Ratti cadres sur mur vert olive Margherita Ratti moodboard images découpées mur Margherita Ratti décoration murale images et cartes Margherita Ratti détail photos et cartes Margherita Ratti tasses à café multicolores Margherita Ratti

Can you tell us the story of your gallery and how you chose your artists?


The gallery is a work in progress. It opened in September 2014 in the Haut Marais, Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth. It is designed as a place where design is not just talk, but produced by a constant dialogue with designers and public expectations and contrasting needs. It is a place of life where elements are altogether perfectly combined because of my personal and cultural choices. I am always seeking to intertwine design, architecture and craft. At the gallery I support young artists, I introduce their art to a very receptive public. I like to listen to their creative process and I put a lot of energy  into explaining the qualities of each objects.

A restaurant you would recommend in Paris?


Le Petit Capri Bazar, 6 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris.


See The Great Gallery design here.

Crédits : Constance

Coin du salon canapé et poêle à bois ancien Margherita Ratti
étagères livres salon Margherita Ratti
Porte avec photos en noir et blanc Margherita Ratti détail fauteuil framboise et sac léopard chambre Margherita Ratti tapis salon Margherita Ratti Vita sconnessa de enzo cucchi livre chez Margherita Ratti macbook et casque audio sur la table gio ponti du salon de Margherita Ratti
colliers et bijoux pendus au côté d'un radiateur salle de bain Margherita Ratti
vue salle de bain Margherita Ratti
baignoire et rideau dans la salle de bain de Margherita Ratti
Détail décoration photos Margherita Ratti

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