Louison, 9 years old and <br> Jules, 12 years old
Famille - Paris

When the Christmas Preparations
Look Like Festivities.



Louison, 9 years old and
Jules, 12 years old

This week, children take power on The Socialite Family! And even if we are as much looking forward to the Christmas festivities as them, we loved seeing the roles switching. Seeing Louison and Jules appropriating the family apartment is a real show. A gleeful ballet. Colours meet, tinsels mingle and we hear footsteps and laughs. It makes this Christmas atmosphere we love even more palpable. Air smells like mandarin and hot chocolate. Dorothée Monestier, specialist in original parties, looks at them creating their own worlds. Just like her, her children have fun with colours, materials and new forms. We would gladly imagine this creative madness in our interior! But now, we feel good in theirs. The feet in the long piles of the carpet in the living room and the head on the armchair designed by Pierre Paulin. Our mind wanders, dreaming of books and days spent by the fireside, and our eyes can’t stop being attracted by everything there. The holidays are coming, and so are the family moments.

Salon Livres Bibliothèque Fauteuil Velours Louison et Jules Monestier
Chambre Parentale Blanche Livres Bibliothèque Louison et Jules Monestier
Détails Travaux Manuels Noël Origamis Louison et Jules Monestier Salon Tapis Fauteuil Bleu Louison et Jules Monestier Sapin Boules de Noël Salon Louison et Jules Monestier Salon Portrait Louison et Jules Monestier Salon Décorations Guirlandes My Little Day Louison et Jules Monestier
Salon Table Basse India Mahdavi Bois Louison et Jules Monestier
Salle à Manger Portrait Louison Monestier

Louison, Jules, how would you describe yourselves, in three words?


We are very nice, very funny, very cool and very beautiful! Our mother says so. We are all of that, but we are also annoying because we don’t eat a lot of things.

In which room do you feel the best at home?


In the TV room, since the room is very little, there is carpeting, and it’s also a cocoon full of mattresses and plaids that we transform into a hut. And also because there are the TV, the Wii, the Nintendo DS…

Who decorated your bedroom?


Our parents did! Our mother chooses and our father does DIY, paints, and papers. It changes often because my mother likes moving everything! She seriously thinks about us switching our bedrooms and she already told me she would like to get my desk when I don’t use it anymore.

Which object symbolises your home?


Uh… Music, there is always music. And also the atmosphere: the rooms are not very big and we feel safe there.

Portrait Jules Monestier Fauteuil Pierre Paulin Blanc Salon
Portrait Louison Monestier Salon
Portrait Chambre Ado Jules Monestier

What do you prefer during the Christmas holidays?


We like the Advent calendars, baking shortbread biscuits, and adding things to the Christmas list every day. We like making things and offering them. Two years ago, we had knitted bowties, and this year we will make origami Christmas trees for everyone!

Is there a song which symbolises the Christmas spirit?


“All I want for Christmas is you” of course, since Mom always plays it! There is also “Winter Wonderland”, “Jingle Bells”, “Let it snow”, “Santa Baby”, “Silent Night”. Well, we like every Christmas song. Mom is trying to make us listen the old versions but we like the new ones.

Where’s the ideal place to celebrate Christmas Eve?


In La Grange! It’s a family house in Lot but we don’t go celebrate Christmas there very often because we often go on holidays on the 25th.

What’s your best memory of the Christmas festivities?


Christmas in Thailand! There were luminous sledges on the beach…

Salon Lampe Bouroullec Fauteuil Acapulco Bleu Louison et Jules Monestier
Chambre Parentale Louison et Jules Monestier
Table Chevet Bois Chambre Parentale Louison et Jules Monestier

Do you know what you would like for Christmas this year?


Louison wants the whole catalogue from Le Bon Marché. She wants every toy she sees on TV as well. And of course, she wants everything sold at My Little Day! She is a bit annoying because she adds things on her list every day and wants to work at My Little Day… As for me, I don’t really know. I’d like the 4G on my phone!

Do you like decorating your house for Christmas? What about baking?


Yes, we like that. Well, especially Mom and Louison. Louison redecorates the Christmas tree every day. I love baking shortbread biscuits, cooking a gratin dauphinois or fresh pasta.

What do you wish for this new year?


I think Louison would like to win the prize of the best disguise for the school’s carnival once more! Last year, she was dressed up as Frida Kahlo, and of course she won because she really looked like her. Next year, she doesn’t really know but she has been talking about it for months. She was thinking about David Bowie. That’s huge! As for me, I would like to stop going to exhibitions with my parents, to spend more time with my friends and to see my grandfather once more.

What’s the worst present you ever received?


Shoes to walk in the snow!

What’s your best Christmas memory?


It’s great every year, but we prefer spending Christmas in Paris or in Lot, so we are with our cousins, which is great!

Cuisine Préparatifs de Noël Louison et Jules Monestier
Cuisine Goûter de Noël Louison et Jules Monestier
Sapin Noël Salon Bibliothèque Livres Louison et Jules Monestier
Atelier Cuisine Sablés de Noël Louison et Jules Monestier Atelier Cuisine Sablés de Noël Louison et Jules Monestier Cuisine Atelier Noël Louison et Jules Monestier
Entrée Patère Eames Hang it All Louison et Jules Monestier

Crédits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

Special collaboration with Massimo Dutti

Clothes displayed by Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls Winter Collection

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So lovely, what dear children and such a dear post. Thank you for sharing with your readers! Have a wonderful Christmas and glad tidings for the New Year.
Meg in Arizona x x

The Socialite Family, 21 December 2016

Thank you Meg, it is always a pleasure to read you and to share with you our Christmas preparations! We are glad to know you liked the switching of roles of our last article. We still have great surprises for you in 2017! We wish you a very happy festive season. The Socialite Family team.

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