Chouquettes – Episode 9: Émilie Luc-Duc
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Chouquettes – Episode 9: Émilie Luc-Duc

 Early summer holiday did you say? Follow Chouquettes to Canal Saint Martin where we meet Émilie Luc-Duc in her summery apartment. The home of an Artistic Director who’s lead by her creativity. An oasis of calm in every shade of white, this apartment is accented with stripes which make you feel like you’re on a Venice beach. With its star-shaped layout, the space has a sense of continuous energy, complimented by the simplicity of the Bent Karby’s lights and Audoux Minet’s wicker chairs. Pure, simple and blissfully clutter-free, Emilie Luc-Duc gives us a tour around an interior that mid-summer dreams of made of.

Tune in next Sunday for the latest episode of our series Chouquettes! In the meantime, the first eight episodes await you on our site. Just click here.

Inspiration déco...

Émilie Luc-Duc and Alexis, <br> Greta 18 months old

Émilie Luc-Duc and Alexis,
Greta 18 months old

Every word that Émilie Luc-Duc utters is measured and thoughtful, emitting a reassured elegance that is a reflection of her environment. This artist director specialises in knitwear and has graced the world’s most beautiful luxury houses,...

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