Karine Duprez and Giovanni Guida, <br/>Bianca 1, Rosa 9 years old
Famille - Paris

The Most Bohemian Restaurant-owning Couple in Paris.



Karine Duprez and Giovanni Guida,
Bianca 1, Rosa 9 years old

Karine changed her life when she met Giovanni! She was a press attaché at the time and decided to give it all up to launch herself into the restaurant trade with her husband and actually open restaurants! A winning idea on the part of this bold woman who managed to get everyone who is anyone in Paris to fall at her feet. La Madonnina was the first, followed by La Briciola, Maria Luisa, and L’Altra to name but a few. We can’t wait to taste the Burratina and other delicious Neapolitan dishes. Now at the head of five Paris establishments, they are finally publishing their first recipe book on pizzas! Just talking about them makes my mouth water, so I’ll leave you to explore her little house, nestling in a quiet corner of the 11th arrondissement.

salon famille karine duprez canapé velour chat
salon famille karine duprez enfilade bois miroir bambou
salon famille karine duprez étagère blanche vase dame jeanne
escalier famille karine duprez photographie mur blanc

Karine, which part of your house do you spend the most time in?


During the day, I like to read on the first floor where there’s more light. In the evening, I like to sit by the fire in winter but in the summer I like to sit outside in the passageway with friends and have drinks!

What do you feel is missing from your home?


A big dressing room!

The cheap find that you’re most proud of?


A sixties lamp that I picked up at a boot sale.

Where do you go if you want to buy furniture?


We have friends who run vintage furniture businesses whom we’ve got to know well from furnishing the restaurants. Otherwise I just like to buy a piece of furniture or an object that takes my eye, that I wasn’t particularly looking for, and then find a place for it, rather than looking for a precise thing.

Have you got a favourite object?


The photograph of my grandmother when she was a little girl, that’s become an icon in our restaurants. She watches over us and brings us good luck.

What’s your must-have thing at the moment?


A pair of vintage sunglasses by Emmanuelle Kahn.

salle de bain famille karine duprez serviettes savon aesop
bureau famille karine duprez bureau en bois style scandinave
escalier famille karine duprez étagère vase dame jeanne
escalier karine duprez pile magazines marie claire
escalier famille karine duprez photographie peinture bleu

Photography and text : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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