Chouquettes – Episode 24: JJ Martin
Family - Milan

Facing the Duomo at the Creator of La DoubleJ.



Chouquettes – Episode 24: JJ Martin

JJ Martin didn’t originally hit it off with Milan. However, it’s worth remembering that 16 years ago, the capital of the Lombardy region was regarded very differently from how it is seen now as a flamboyant, key location. Although the American was initially reluctant to integrate, she soon decided to grab life in the city with both hands. In time, she made it her own, even venturing to incorporate elements of its many treasures, including the elegant Milanese sciùra so symbolic of the sophisticated Northern Italian lifestyle. JJ Martin is inexhaustible when it comes to her major obsession – vintage – and decided to write about her experiences as both a journalist and expat on her website. Her content went viral and the platform became the main place to find the perfect guide to the city […]

Discover the full interview of JJ Martin on The Socialite Family.


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