Boldness in the Kitchen

Doing a kitchen is probably one of the most perilous undertakings in interior decoration. Kitchens are generally standardised, so doing something original is a formidable challenge. So, to slum it a bit, let’s find the right twist, starting with mismatched tableware and retro colours like yellow or orange. The floor is the key. You can opt for graphic tiles to affirm your personality. But even that is no easy feat. Choose graphics with a strong school-canteen style. Consider using old-fashioned colours so you do not tire of them, then add a touch of modernity with the crockery, the stemmed glasses and your granny’s tableware. I also love ceramic fruit bowls. Tell a story with trays, vases or even with plates. You’ll be sure to create a kitchen which reflects your essence.

Cuisine Carreaux ciment Béatrice Laval Le Monde Sauvage

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