The Designer Box by Ich and Kar

The Designer Box by Ich and Kar

They are the troublemakers of the graphic arts. The famous Ich et Kar do not have a favourite playground: Logos, identities, menus for trendy restaurants, paperwalls, table and even dishes – the duo just created a very pretty pair of plates for the website Designer Box. They reinvent the everydaylife with appetite and generosity. At the first floor of the family home in Montreuil, their creative studio is enlivened by thousands of curiosities. These partners in crime are obsessional collectors of objects and pieces they chose, and they feed their varied world with their brilliant ideas.

Salon Maison Montreuil Ich et Kar
Sculpture Céramique Ich et Kar
Entrée Maison Montreuil Ich et Kar
Atelier Studio Artistes Ich et Kar
Jouets Squelettes Studio Ich et Kar
Luminaire Studio Ich et Kar
Accumulation Mains Studio Ich et Kar

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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