Paris Tableau

Paris Tableau

For 5 years now, the Paris Tableau show has been celebrating traditional painting, bringing you canvases from the Middle Ages right through to 1900. Twenty-four prestigious international galleries are presenting their best works in the intimate atmosphere of the Palais Brongniart. Baroque painting is appealing and interesting for the way light is portrayed and for its play of light and dark, as well as the richness of its colour palette and the theatrical nature of its settings. Religious and mythological subjects are very prominent, but portraits, landscapes, still life and  genre scenes are also featured. This year, Paris Tableaux is exploring the theme of Fine Living through the eyes of Bruno Frisoni, the Artistic Director of the Roger Vivier house. We are invited to explore the universe of Roger Vivier through a reconstruction of his studio workshop, where the influence of the ancient masters and contemporary creation are closely linked.

Paris Tableau, next edition September 13th 2016 at Petit Palais, Paris


Paris Tableau 2015 Entrée Palais Brongniart
Paris Tableau Dessins, croquis
Paris Tableau portrait baroque
Paris Tableau Portrait Baroque Cadre Doré Fraise
Paris Tableau Peinture Jésus Christ sur la croix Baroque
Paris Tableau Atelier Peinture Dessin Exposition
Paris Tableau Tableau Peinture Le Monde à L'envers
Paris Tableau Travail Dessin
Paris Tableau Lecture Religieux Ecriture Peinture Cadre Baroque

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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