PAD 2015 Pascal Cuisinier

PAD 2015

Dash over to the Tuileries Garden to see the PAD fair which opens today. Whether you are an art and design aficionado or a collector, this is your opportunity to feast your eyes and visit the fair as a beautiful exhibition. Of course the prices are quite far upscale, but the exhibits are breathtaking. All of Paris’ gallery-owners will be appearing on this stage-like setting. From the Jousse Gallery through Yves Gastou to Pascal Cuisinier and the Negropontes Gallery, you will discover rare and remarkable furniture items by Mathieu Matégot, Franco Albini, Pierre Gariche or Claudio Salucchi, just to name a few. Enjoy your visit!


Paris Art Design Pascal Cuisinier
Pascal Cuisinier PAD 2015
PAD 2015 Paris Art Design
PAD Romain Torri
Romain Torri PAD 2015
PAD Paris Art Design
Hervé Langlais PAD
PAD 2015 Paris Art Design

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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