Nicolas Ouchenir, the Magician Calligrapher

Nicolas Ouchenir, the Magician Calligrapher

Nicolas has a laughing look, a lovely look. He is the one of attracts, the one who moves; he is shining. The least that can be said is that life paid him well. From a person he met to another, this rather solitary inquiring man has eventually found his way. He is a calligrapher. It is a demanding and often tough job, which requests training and obviously a lot of patience and inspiration. The eager to learn pays. Nicolas takes great interest in the nature of words, of letters but also of their meanings and their addressee. He is now everywhere: from the most prestigious fashion shows, for which he imagines every invitation, to brands of which the excellence is known all around the world and for which he is consultant. The signatures are always powerful, made-to- measure and, as aconsequence, rare. Actually, Nicolas is a magician. He gives life to the ink, gives it a soul, and transforms the downstrokes and upstrokes into models. But not just ordinary ones: it’s Haute-Couture.

Discover the work of Nicolas and his creative team on his Atelier website.

carine roitfeld tableau photographie nicolas ouchenir
carine roitfeld cr fashion book travail nicolas ouchenir
dessin encre calligraphie nicolas ouchenir

Nicolas, how would you describe your job?


I am a calligrapher and an art director. I create imaginations from signatures.

When did you start?


I have always loved writing but I did not think of calligraphy as a job. Then I started working in a contemporary art gallery, and writing the envelops for the gallery openings. I realised that a lot of people were coming, and were interested in it. Then I met a press secretary and all of this started at that moment. It has been fifteen years now and I could not stop writing.

Is there a person, or an icon, who inspires you the most in you work?


Carine Roitfeld, Marie-Agnès Gillot… Actually I would say all my friends.

What do you like most in drawing?


What I like most in drawing is the realm of imagination it creates.

travail nicolas ouchenir calligraphe dessin
mont blanc encre outils travail nicolas ouchenir
nicolas ouchenir dessin art noir blanc encre

Where do you buy your furniture?


It is in antique fairs at my grandparents’ place, in the Pyrénées, or in the extreme North, because I really like the Danish furniture. I especially like Hans Wegner. I also like going in the yard sales since the objects often have an interesting story to tell.

How would you define your style in terms of decoration?


I like the cabinets of curiosities. I am at the opposite of minimalism, since I love having a lot of things to inspire me. I am not especially attached to objects but more to what they make me feel.

Do you like the work of a designer in particular?


I like the works of Charlotte Perriand, Zaha Hadid and Victoria Wilmotte.

What would your craziest dream be?


It would be working with Michel Gondry. I love his work and his world. I would also love to create a lamp. We started doing it with Habitat, but unfortunately, the project did not go through.

mobilier chaise pouf tapis berbère atelier nicolas ouchenir
céramiques accumulation nicolas ouchenir atelier
livres accumulation tapis berbère atelier nicolas ouchenir
oiseau décoration déco atelier
livres accumulation peinture atelier nicolas ouchenir

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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Oh so true!!! A magician!

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