Micky Green, an Inspired Artist

Micky Green, an Inspired Artist

It was already 10 years ago. Oh! arrived on our radio waves with a chorus as fascinating as the singer. Her name? Micky Green. The Australian woman has come a long way since then. Two albums, great collaborations, and a new band called “Slap”. She wants it to make the difference. A unique and free music: Micky, Chat and Sandra Derlon do anything they want. Their goal? Spreading love on Earth! A striking and heady music. It’s a new challenge that looks like the beginnings of this former model, who arrived in Paris in 2005. She now tells us about her life in this city, at her home, before leaving it for Christmas. A necessary return to her roots to show her home country to her son, Théo, who will enjoy the ocean in December and meet his Aussie family for the first time!

Portrait Chambre Micky Green Fils
Chambre Lit Blanc Commode Bois Micky Green
Vieilleries Théières Alcools Parfums Vintage Appartement Micky Green

Micky, how are you?


I’m great, thank you!

You just became a mum. How has your life changed?


The life is much healthier and more fulfilling. My only late nights are with my baby!

For how long have you been living in Paris?


14 years.

What do you like the most?


The beauty and the history of the city, the food and the culture.

Where do you spend most of your time in your house?


In my bed when I can, but I love being in the kitchen making food.

Chambre Enfant Bébé Fils Appartement Micky Green
Photographies Famille Appartement Micky Green
Portrait Chambre Fils Micky Green
Autocollant SLAP Nouveau Groupe Musique Micky Green

Could you describe your new project?


It’s called Slap. For spreading love around the planet! We are three girls making soul/rock/reggae/disco/pop music! We are recording our album at the moment, to release in 2017.

When will we be able to hear the first song?          


Hopefully in February/March 2017.

What kind of plan did you make with your family for Christmas ?               


We often go to the Jardin du Luxembourg, and around Saint-Germain. This Christmas, we will go to Australia so Theo can meet his Aussie family and so we can be near the ocean.

Is there a nice place in Paris where you love eating?


My favourite restaurant is Chez Georges, 1 rue du Mail. Amazing food and wine in a very traditional place.

Chambre Souvenir Photographies Famille Micky Green
Guitare Personnalisée SLAP Micky Green
Portrait Salon Piano Fils Micky Green

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily 

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