Michelberger Hotel

Michelberger Hotel

During our trip to Berlin we stayed at the Michelberger Hotel. Of course when we, French hear the name, we smile as we immediately remember the eponymous singer. In fact, all French people who stay at the hotel ask the same question: Is there any connection with Michel Berger? Answer: none at all. This hotel is atypical and wonderful both in its decoration and its spirit. You go in as if you were entering your home – there is no pressure, no reception desk. You feel free to walk in, even if only for tea. Some of the hotel customers meet there as if it were an extension of their office; others read a book before going to relax in their rooms. Although these rooms, at once beautiful and functional, might be tiny for some, they lack for nothing. We were able to meet with the charming Tom, hotelier and founder of the MichelBerger, and ask him a few questions.

Michelberger Hôtel Hall

Tom, tell us about you ?


We are independent entrepreneurs who try to maximise the quality in everything we engage with or relate to.

How would you describe your hotel?


Warm, free, original, personal.

Are you the unique founder ?


We are actually two co-founders. Nadine May and myself.

Did you make the decoration ?


Yes, together with Azar Kazimir, Anja Knauer, Sibylle Oellerich, Werner Aisslinger, Till Grosch and Tina Bunyaprasit.

What our your future projects? A new hotel?


No, we do not want to open another hotel. Our current new babies are our Fountain of Youth coconut water, michelbergermonkey.com and Michelbergerbooze.com.

Michelberger Hôtel Escaliers bois
Michelberger Hôtel Hall Fauteuil Design
Michelberger Hôtel Salon Bibliothèque Coin lecture
Michelberger Hôtel Chambre Décoration
Michelberger Hôtel Chaise Bois Décoration
Michelberger Hôtel Rangements Filets
Michelberger Hôtel Chambre Cosy lit perché Filet mezzanine
Michelberger Hotel Escalier bois cintres
Michelberger Hôtel tables basses Salon bois
Michelberger Hôtel Bibliothèque coin lecture salon hall livres confort
Michelberger Hôtel salon table basse détente
Michelberger Hôtel bureau bois détente hall

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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