Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer

Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer

The world of gallery owners sheds a veil to reveal new faces to us. A new generation of passionate iconoclasts shows us their vision of contemporary art via the works of committed fine artists who are in tune with the modern world. One of the gallery owners who intrigues me is the young Mathias Coullaud. As a son of collectors, he spent a large part of his childhood either in the Drouot auction house or an art gallery somewhere. As time went on, he developed his own tastes and ideas about art, finally realising that his life would be in art and with artists. Mathias is completely in tune with the works he presents and takes a degree of pleasure in telling us their story and explaining their essence and their significance. A means of taking us into his world to nourish us and yet leave us wanting more. Currently, he is paying homage to the women whom he is exhibiting, experienced artists whose works are powerful, such as Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith and Zoulikha Bouabdellah. Encounter in his gallery.

Galerie Mathias Coullaud 12 rue de Picardie, 75003 Paris. 01 71 20 90 41

Elodie Antoine – Zoulikha Bouabdellah – Cindy Sherman – Kiki Smith
Exhibition from the 8th of  January to the 27th of  February 2016


Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer

Four women artists are invited to exhibit at the show; can you explain further this choice?


It was certainly a choice. This subject, feminism and generally speaking the relation between men and women and a woman’s place in contemporary society deeply interested me. This particular problem is also that of an artist that recent joined the team of the gallery, Zoulikha Bouabdellah. I created the exhibition around her art and the idea of bringing together two generations of female artists with subtle and radical views of the role of women. (Kiki Smith, Candi Sherman, Elodie Antoine & Zoulikha Bouabdellah).

Did you select the works that are exhibited or did the artists decide their pieces?


No absolutely I made the choice! Of course it is a dialogue between the artist and myself but I believe in the power of consistency. This is my gallery, my name above the door and my identity. I feed on what the artist has to say and I turn it into honey.

What do you like most about the works? Which speaks to you the most?


Definitely “Sommeil” by Zoulikha Bouabdellah, the multiple reading the piece offers; a reference to Gustave Courbet and the scandal of the canvas; the identity of the first owner; the impression of blood on the canvas; the decomposition of the subject… In short, what moves me here is the attitude of the artist that makes a contemporary and critical out of culture.

What themes or artists would you like to present this year?


The programming is done very early and we already working on 2017 and beyond. I like engaging, committed and radical artists; the solo show of Gregory Forstner will soon confirm that. A reference to Proust and Visconti will then be explored by the sound photographer Lisa Roze and then returning in September is painter Jerome Borel before the year closes with a solo show from Zoulikha Bouabdellah which will be called “Lettre d’amour à un homme arabe”. Then beginning 2017 we have a presentation of vintage and unpublished polaroid from James Bidgood… So in short many strong proposals and events! The gallery will also be developing the relations we have with young African artists and nurture the arrival of the young French painter, Quentin Derouet.

Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer
Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer Mathias Coullaud, An Amazing Young Art Dealer

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