Marion Audier, a Multifaceted Florist

Marion Audier, a Multifaceted Florist

In this coloured boutique, full of flowers and perennial plants, bargain-hunted pieces of furniture and jewels, we feel like home. Marion Audier is a talented floral artist. Her story is the one of a chance turning into a vocation. For numerous years, she has created and assembled wonderful flower arrangements for events and cinema, and life went on. Three years ago, she saw this boutique and the apartment that goes with it. She was immediately taken with it: it was the beginning of a great change. Marion settled there and she is now welcoming us into a very outdated and charming world. There, you could be choosing flowers from the vases for hours, create yourself a bouquet, follow the expert pieces of advice Marion gives us, and even leave with a find. Whether it’s about furniture or plants, you can be sure it will be rich, well-chosen and always original.

Marion Audier – 46 Rue de Dunkerque, 75009 Paris.

Bureau Vintage Bois Miroirs Anciens Plantes Appartement Boutique Marion Audier
Boutique Fauteuil en cuir Vintage Bureaux Bois Fleurs Marion Audier
Miroir Vintage Multiples Marion Audier
Boutique Fleurs Fleuriste Marion Audier
Fleurs Couleurs Fauves Fleuriste Boutique Marion Audier

What has led you to work with flowers?


Chance has led me to flowers. I had always lived in cities and at that moment, flowers were the least of my worries. I wanted to be a book shopkeeper. One of my friends opened a flower shop, and one day I went to help her, and it was a revelation! I instantly liked the very manual part of the job. It has been almost 20 years now. I have worked for a long time in events, but then as luck would have I, I fell pregnant when I found this place. So I totally changed my plans: I stopped working in events in order to develop this shop and take care of my son.

For how long have you been living and working here?


It has been three years. At that moment, I was just looking for an apartment. I had already a place in which I used to work. A friend was trying to sell the lease and the adjoining apartment.This place made me dream. I immediately decided to take it! Florists have been working here for fifty years, so I carry on the tradition.

Can you tell us more about this shop?


I am very passionate about this place; I really feel like it’s my world! I sell some classic flowers, but usually, I like offering things that are not usual. I try to buy seasonal flowers to local producers as much as I can. During summer, it’s quite simple to find flowers in France, but during winter, it’s more difficult. I also sell pieces of furniture, bargain-hunted objects and bibelots. This part was not planned. After I moved in, I put my office in the shop and someone bought it straight away. Since then, I have kept doing it. I also offer jewels I like, just like the ones my friend Virginie Mahé creates.

Entrée Boutique Fleuriste Appartement Marion Audier
Portrait Marion Audier Fleuristes
Fleurs Roses Fleuristes Boutique Marion Audier
Salon Fauteuils Miroirs Vintage Boutique Appartement Fleuriste Marion Audier
Miroir Vintage Photos Appartement Marion Audier
Plante Rouge Fleur Fleuriste Appartement Boutique Marion Audier
Salon Appartement Boutique Fleuriste Marion Audier

What does inspire you?


Painting inspires me a lot. Especially the Renaissance and the period before. In terms of furniture and decoration, it’s not exactly the same. I choose them according to what I’m taken with. The result is not always perfect!

Which objects do you prefer in here?


I love the series of mirrors in my living room. I was with a friend who is an antique dealer while he was delivering, and I saw it. I bought it straight away. In my shop, I love the small dressing table, and currently, I like the animated fish sculpture in my display window. It’s a sculpture Thibaud Parsy created. He mainly does kinetic art. Virgine Mahé found out about him and ordered the sculpture to him.

What do you want for the future?


The shop is continuously evolving with the sales. I would like to rent it for dinners or small events. A concert is planned in January, for example. Well, I really want this place to live!

Marion Audier, a Multifaceted Florist
Boutique Meubles Miroirs Vintage Plantes Fleuriste Marion Audier
Fleurs Boutique Fleuriste Meuble Bois Vintage Marion Audier
Vitrine Fleurs Sculpture Poisson Thibaud Parsy Boutique Marion Audier

Credits : Eve Campestrini @thesocialitefamily

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